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  1. NCLEX July 2018

    FYI y'all Saturday does count as business hours - found out I passed NCLEX this morning :)
  2. NCLEX July 2018

    Hello everyone! I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday, July 19th at 8 AM. My exam shut off at 75 questions with the majority of the questions being SATA. My state (Oklahoma) has quick results enabled but my question is does Saturday count as "business hours"...
  3. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    Hey nursing0572! :) At orientation, they handed us a list of supplies that were required for school. Nursing shoes, I believe they said no mesh shoes were allowed (athletic shoes with that "breathable" material) for fear of dropping needles or splash...
  4. Nursing schools in Oklahoma

    jc109, I think your stats are pretty competitive for the University of Oklahoma's Traditional BSN program! I am a graduate of this program and was very nervous about being accepted myself. I was accepted into the program with a 3.33 overall GPA and a...
  5. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    Hello Allie! :) That is pretty cool you found our thread...yes we have all graduated now!! I take NCLEX next week and start my new job as a nurse in the OR the following week. I am super excited!!!! OU is a fantastic school, I made lifelong friends t...
  6. Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma and the Nursing Student

    I remember in SQ 788's original language, there was a clause about employers being unable to fire someone who tested positive for marijuana if they had a valid medical card. I am unaware of how this would translate to nursing students however, since ...
  7. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    They accept like ~110-115 people each year in the Traditional program! I think having everything done except that last class will look really good! Do you know what 3000-4000 level class you're going to take? If at OU, I recommend taking World Music ...
  8. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    Hey Megan! The biggest thing they look at is science GPA. They stressed that a lot when I was applying. I remember this handout they gave me at the Pre-Nursing Club a couple of years ago with a pyramid of what they look at in your application. Scienc...
  9. OU ABSN 2018 (2017 Applicant)

    Well, I'm a student in the Traditional BSN program, but my cumulative was not very great either and I got in! Your 4.0 science GPA and 4.0 last 60 GPA will look REALLY good. They put heavy emphasis on science GPA, and I'm pretty sure they consider yo...
  10. Trauma 1 hospitals in OKC

    It's the only level one trauma center in the whole state! :)
  11. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    OKC is more competitive compared to the Lawton campus but not as competitive as the Tulsa one! That campus is small (given that it's in an area about as big as OKC but accept not even half as many people into the traditional program) and newer so it'...
  12. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    I'm from Texas too! My whole college experience has been at OU though. It won't hurt you very much, if at all. Even though it's not OU, it will look really good that your prerequisites were done at a research-level university. I've heard the admissio...
  13. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    Hey hayleyreese23, I think the College heavily weighs your last 60 GPA and especially your science GPA. I think the overall GPA is not looked at so much. From what I've heard/seen, ABSN's average admitted GPAs are higher than ours (compared to the Tr...
  14. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    @sunshine349 I just went on the College of Nursing's Facebook page to see if they had posted anything from last year's orientation and they did, looks like there are people in jeans and shorts so anything goes I guess!
  15. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    @sunshine349, I took MUNM 3113, World Music at OU. It was an extremely easy class. I don't know if they offer it online or over the summer, but I took it in person in the fall and it was bar none the easiest class I've taken so far lol. We met twice ...