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  1. Moving to Orlando area soon and wanting to go back to school ASAP. Any recommendations are welcome, Thank you!
  2. Moving to Orlando Florida, help with jobs!

    Orlando area, Clermont, Kissemmee, Winter Lake, SW, Southern Side mainly. Thank you for any and all suggestions/comments.
  3. New LPN with Many Blessings!

    Congrats! I am moving to Florida soon and have been discouraged by the "no one hires LPNs" talk. I am just starting my hunt and hope I am so lucky!
  4. Moving to Orlando Florida, help with jobs!

    Thank you every one for replies even though it's not exactly what I wanted to hear, it's educating. Absolute minimum pay I would take is around 20/hr. Having 7 years of experience I would hope more than a few places would consider this rate and more....
  5. Moving to Orlando Florida, help with jobs!

    Thank you for the answer. Do you know of anyone personally that is a Nurse in Florida currently? Next week I am really going to start looking for employment and I've heard LPNs are NOT used in the Hospitals much at all there. I would like to go back...
  6. I am currently employed in Oklahoma with an Agency. This Agency is based in Florida and is currently looking for something for me. I am wondering if I can get any insight on what Jobs look like for LPNs/LVNs in the area. ie. Pay, Work, Facility, Depa...
  7. I travel to Florida, love it there, and may in the future move there. I have been a Nurse since 2008. I just have recently gone back to being employed professionally as a Nurse. That gap is December 2011 to the beginning of October this year. I had t...
  8. Does patient need to know the diagnosis?

    Same as previous poster, a condition is they must know the dx.
  9. OU LPN to BSN program

    I am in the LPN Progam at Pioneer Tech in Ponca City. I forgot the the NLN is also referred to as the NCLEX. DOH! I just started about a month ago and really liking it.
  10. OU LPN to BSN program

    OH YAH! Keep us updated! I also just started an LPN Program and the OU Bridge Program is one I am considering on going to. I did have a question about the NLNs since someone brought that up. If my School/Program is NLN accredited, will I have to sti...
  11. Any PN students here?....

    4 day old student here! Just got 100% on my first quiz YAY!
  12. Just started school..

    jkolberg, I have heard the same thing over and over! I am 28 and starting tomorrow a LPN Program then bridging to a RN Program. I am anxious, nervous and can definately feel your pain. So we can go through this together, just know you are not alone...
  13. I bought one mainly for school and I find just putting in the information (timely sometimes) just helps me remember, like a study tool. Also when you dont' Need/want to lug around all your books its AWESOME. Plus its always with you and very handy ...
  14. 15 Years after H.S. Graduation

    That's Excellent. I start school in less than a month and my TEN YEAR anniversary is coming up. I feel your pain and joy! :)
  15. Giving Each Other Bed Baths??!!

    that's utterly ridiculous and shold only be teached in clinicals and not on classmates. I know I would have a problem with that for sure.