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  1. Columbia CRNA 2020

  2. Hey BalochDae, I am wondering why you like Oncology? Why Oncology?
  3. Hi Anthony! I also would like to know more about working at Rochester Strong Hospital, if you have some time please. Thank you! 

  4. CGFNS-CVS New York process ?

    how long the file remains in COMPED before it approves the school credentials and forwards it back to The Profession of Nursing unit?
  5. No job for RPN

    Hello everyone, I graduated from George Brown College RPN program last year, in April 2016. I was not lucky to get a job through HFO. Then I moved to Hamilton, ON to study RPN to BScN at McMaster. I hoped, being RN student in a smaller city would giv...
  6. Cpnre may 2016

    You got your results tgill?
  7. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    Da, passed, blin.
  8. Cpnre may 2016

    Someone said passing score is 101.
  9. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    Wow, finally!!! You are now officially Nurse :-)
  10. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

  11. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    Oh, well. Now, we have to think about "poor" CNO CSR? It is ridiculous. Why CNO not to think about her/him and invest in Email generation of sending results? Why don't YOU ADVOCATE for us-nurses for CPNRE results to be sent by email like in many othe...
  12. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    ...wasn't that crazy exam enough tht this wait was due ??? Absolutely. They will not feel our pain unless we all call, email, and bug them.
  13. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    No. If computer was a problem other provinces would not received results yet too. But BC, SK, NS, etc. All got their results already. It is just CNO..
  14. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    Has any CPNRE writers in history had to wait as long we are now in Ontario? It has been over 6 weeks we are waiting...
  15. CPNRE MAY /JUNE 2016 Exam results.

    They did receive it! ASI sent all results. It is just CNO wants to do business with Canada Post and wait for them. Meanwhile, they try to buy time distracting us by blaming ASI. It is difficult for them admit their blame and show their indecisiveness...