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Loco-Bonita has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVIMCU/CVICU.

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  1. ICU nurses question - holding BP meds on pressors

    I have not seen this in our CVICU. Our practice is to hold BB if they are on any type of pressors. If rate control is an issue, we call for a different medication for rate control.
  2. Please tell me it’s just Medsurg!!

    I think it’s very hospital and unit dependent, as others have said. In our hospital, med/surg has 5 patients at night and generally 4 during the day. Our IMCU floor has 3 patients in the day and 4 at night. Some floors also have a resource nurse (...
  3. If I am in this situation I either check with the patient first to find out if they are okay with me sharing their info, or (if checking with the patient isn’t possible) I tell the unit clerk I can’t give out information without a pin per policy.
  4. Stethoscope Recommendations

    I love my Littman cardiology
  5. Second Guessing Myself. Did I handle this situation correctly?

    Good job! At my hospital, even though I’m in critical care/ICU, we automatically call RRT with suspected CVAs. This allows us to get the orders we need right away from the RRT protocols without the physician. I think you handled this situation well!

    https://www.skillstat.com/tools/ecg-simulator/ this website is helpful for practicing.
  7. Favorite type of documentation style?

    Maybe you could elaborate on your question, as it is very vague and difficult to answer in its current formate.
  8. how long is too long?

    I know my hospital has had a hiring freeze since COVID started. Perhaps that’s what you’re encountering, as well.
  9. 2 Nurse Verification of SubQ Insulin

    I’m in a hospital and we do not do two nurse verification. We use SQ insulin pens, which help a lot.
  10. Inappropriate documentation?

    I just wanted to recommend that you if your user name is your real name, you change it to something anonymous. Good luck.
  11. Low census and COVID-19?

    Our census is also low, currently. I think this is primarily from canceling non-emergent/critical procedures, since we are a CIMCU/CVICU floor. We are just waiting for it all to “hit” and get busy.
  12. ICU or IMU telemetry?

    If it were me, I would pick the IMU at the magnet hospital. I work at a magnet hospital on a mixed CVIMCU/CVICU. I did IMCU level for the first two years and just trained to ICU level. I’m so grateful for that time as an IMCU level nurse before movin...
  13. Questions about morning blood sugars/insulin

    We also follow these guidelines, although we don’t use the T.I.E. acronym, we follow it in practice. During shift change, the CNAs are responsive for taking the CBG and day shift gives insulin. If a tray comes before report, the night nurse gives the...
  14. Question about Code Beds

    Our ICU and CVICU pretty much always have a crash bed open. When it gets filled, we move patients around immediately to open up another one.
  15. CVICU vs Float Pool

    CVICU hands down.