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    @ALeahy1 if you do the part-time 4 or 5 year program, working is feasible as you start with online classes and no clinical. if you do the 3 year program, you start with in-person classes, then clinical so working is not advised. some people still work 1 day a week in the full time program, it's just much harder and you have less time to devote to school work or clinical preparation.
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    Many classes are online, but the in-person classes are condensed so you meet on campus 1-2 times a week at most. It may be possible to work full time during the first year of the 4 year program, as the first year of that track is all online. If you choose the 5 year track, the first two years are all online. However, in the subsequent years you start having clinical 1 or more days per week so balancing work and school becomes harder. People who work less seem to be the ones performing better. Most people I know are working part-time, 1-2 days a week at most. People who work 2 days per week have a more difficult time keeping up, but they seem to be managing. I know very few people who are working 3 days per week. This seems like the most stressful thing you could do to yourself, as you would be constantly juggling clinical hours, work, studying for tests, meeting assignment deadlines, etc.
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    Johns Hopkins New Grad Nurse Residency

    At Hopkins there are residency cohorts every month, not just summer and winter. They hire new nurses throughout the year. You apply when you're ready to start. For the interview, you first meet with the nurse recruiter, go over general information. Then you meet with the nurse manager for a traditional sit down interview. Then you spend time on the unit shadowing and getting to know your potential coworkers.
  4. hpark1278

    Johns Hopkins New Grad Nurse Residency

    I was already accepted into a BSN at the time of my interview, so it was a non-issue. They require you to be enrolled in a BSN program within 1 year of hire. They need proof for your employee file so I brought my acceptance letter to the nurse recruiters at my interview, and brought another copy to my unit manager later.
  5. hpark1278

    Johns Hopkins New Grad Nurse Residency

    Check out Johns Hopkins Medicine | Off Campus Housing Search Follow the instructions for setting up a guest account. You'll have to email the administrator to gain access. Lots of Hopkins people post on the roommate message board there. Good luck!
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    Johns Hopkins New Grad Nurse Residency

    Mixed nights and days - that sure will be an adjustment!
  7. hpark1278

    Johns Hopkins New Grad Nurse Residency

    Thanks for the response! That makes me happy to hear that your friend loves working there despite the crazy hours. The hiring process took a long time. I hope you get a final answer soon!