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  1. Texas Health Resources July 2016

    thank you so much! Do you happen to know if the whole week is in Arlington?
  2. Texas Health Resources July 2016

    Does anybody know anything about our first day of work, July 25? I was told it was just orientation in Arlington but haven't heard anything else about it
  3. HURST

    I agree. I did hurst live review and passed in 75 questions!! Very helpful
  4. Just took the NCLEX

    Thank you so much:)
  5. Just took the NCLEX

    Yes! The NCLEX is identical to uworld and I highly recommend it. It made me very well prepared
  6. Just took the NCLEX

    Yes I did
  7. Hurst qreview ... are my scores enough?

    Those scores are close to what I made and I passed in 75 questions. Good luck!
  8. Just took the NCLEX

    I PASSED!!!!
  9. Took NCLEX-RN 6/18! Nervous, help :(

    Good luck to you! Keep us updated
  10. Today's Test

    Me too!! That exam wasn't easy and I'm just not sure how to feel
  11. Today's Test

    Yes I'm getting the good pop up but I'm not completely relying on it! I've heard that it's mostly accurate but I'm not sure :/
  12. Today's Test

    I feel the same! Stopped at 75 and I just feel numb. I felt like I didn't get to show my true ability
  13. Just took the NCLEX

    Thank you! So I got a little too anxious and did the trick after I got the email from Pearson vue... I got the good pop up! But still not counting on anything..
  14. Just took the NCLEX

    I just finished my NCLEX 75 questions (maybe 20 SATA, 2 med calc, 2 exhibit) took me an hour and a half. I feel like I missed every SATA! When my screen went blue at 75 I was shocked and actually wanted more questions to prove myself. I find it hard...
  15. Time frame from graduation to NCLEX

    Graduated may 13. Got my ATT June 11. Taking my nclex tomorrow (6/20). I studied for about 3 weeks.