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  1. just got fired from PACU contract

    There were no clear expectations. I had no idea what the norm for a contractor was now I have a better idea. They pretty much set me up for a bait and switch and thought I would be quiet. My first day was in the OR by "accident". I made a fuss and ma...
  2. Im 44 / is it too late for the Hospital

    Thank you all, I had my first interview today on a Med Surg floor. They are willing to orient me for up to 3 months and she told me she wanted me on her team :). She also mentioned nurse-patient ratio is usually 1:6, 1:5 on good days, and 1:7 on rare...
  3. Im 44 / is it too late for the Hospital

    I have only been a nurse 5 years. In the OR and pediatric home health. Would getting experience in the hospital be realistic at this stage in my life or should I stay in the home health sector.
  4. Too Old for the Hospital?

    I became a nurse 5 years ago. I was hired in the OR then went to pediatric home health. Im 44 is returning to the hospital a bad idea to get better experience? Any genuine, supportive and honest advice is appreciated.
  5. just got fired from PACU contract

    Thank you I appreciate the support and clarification. I have never done contract or travel nursing. It took 8 months and tons of paperwork. I for the most part kept in touch with the recruiter and was upfront with my experience. I was consistent in l...
  6. just got fired from PACU contract

    I don't have alot of support and need objective answers. Im 44 I applied to a recruiter on linked in, it took 8 month to get me into a military hospital as a contractor RN. I applied to MEDSURG,PREOP, PACU. My first day they placed me in the OR becau...
  7. Question Banks Nursing School

    Are these a myth or do they actually exist and are students allowed to use them to study for exams?