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  1. Where are all of my EP lab nurses!?

    Hello OP and @MusicGuy, do you take care of stress tests? I work recovery for 4 years, still do… and I am also hitting my 2 years for CTICU next month. I had asked what the nurses role and one of the staff said, “key, is a very good IV skill”. This l...
  2. CPAN Journey Fall 2018

    I passed my certification yesterday and I wanted to shed light on this journey. I am a PACU RN for 1 year 8 months Varied shift FT RN catering Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric populations, sometimes we have ICU, CTICU, CathLab overflow PD RN catering ...
  3. CPAN exam 2018

    I just passed my certification today. I studied 3 different exam preparation materials... the ASPAN Certification Review Book (Purple) - gives you specific question per category and has a rationale - - if you buy a new book, it comes with a code that...