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  1. Pearson Vue Trick Feb 2016

    I'm really sorry to say but, you just paid another test. If it took your money, it really means she failed.
  2. Pearson Vue Trick Feb 2016

    What did the good pop up say?
  3. Pearson Vue Trick Feb 2016

    When u entered expired card did u click submit to actually submit a payment?
  4. Pearson Vue Trick Feb 2016

    I hope so I did my NCLEX yesterday 2/9/16. Find out tomorrow 2/11/16. I was hopeful until I got my ATT today allowing me to register for a date to test. I'm surprised BON at my state got the results fast if that's the case.
  5. Pearson Vue Trick Feb 2016

    What was the pop up u got when u attempted the fake cc? Did it tell you invalid number and use another card or something like that? I'm that same boat where I did it right after the exam and I had a pop up that said I had an open registration and cou...
  6. The Person Vue Trick "2016"

    Let me know if you u passed or failed, I'm on the same boat as you. I totally understand what you're going throughí ½í¹í ¼í¿»í ½í¹í ¼í¿»í ½í¹í ¼í¿»