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  1. Tips to Prevent Self Injury

    Oops, MB = Mickey Button. Family insists on wearing open gowns/dresses. In other words, I am limited on clothing options. We have tried mittens and she has figured out how to remove them with her teeth!! After realizing that we started putting her so...
  2. Tips to Prevent Self Injury

    Hey guys! I was wondering do any of you have any suggestions or tips on how to prevent developmentally delayed pediatric patients from injurying themselves? Specifically removing PD catheters, MB, trachs? Pts like the ones I have dealt with often do ...
  3. To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate, That Is The Question

    How does it not mean anything? I am carrying on with the discussion, same as you. The OP asked for personal and professional opinions for pros and cons of vaccines. I gave my opinion just like you gave yours.
  4. To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate, That Is The Question

    Why is doing a large study unethical? It would only be unethical if persons did not know they were or were not getting said vaccines. I am not suggesting placebos at all. We have a fairly large population of people in the US right now that would volu...
  5. To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate, That Is The Question

    It does not look anyone has posted a different opinion yet, so I guess I will. Personally, I am not vaccinated and have not had any vaccines since nursing school. I also seldom get sick but I have noticed that the majority of the nurses that I work w...
  6. Does your pt/pts family love you like “family?”

    They don’t have just one nurse. I was one of the original nurses when pt was assigned to our company. Finding consistent and reliable night nursing care has been the biggest challenge for the family. They just got someone to work opposite of me about...
  7. Does your pt/pts family love you like “family?”

    Unfortunately, the company I work for only assigns 1 pt on a regular basis unless there is a hospitalization or something. I do not have any doubt that they will and can find something for me, as night nurses are SO hard to come by in my area!
  8. Does your pt/pts family love you like “family?”

    Hey guys, I had intended to respond earlier but I want to say “thank you” for everyone’s responses. This experience has been very valuable and I learned a lot about myself including: setting/enforcing boundaries and loving myself enough to take care...
  9. Hey guys! This is a long read but I’m hoping some of you have some experience with this sort of thing. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and here’s where I am. I have been working with the same medically fragile child in her home for ...
  10. Serial Killers Who are Nurses!

    Fascinating article but like others said, way too short! I agree that there may be many nursing serial killers that kill bc they are sick but what about those that kill bc they believe they are doing a service to the patient or the patient’s family? ...
  11. Nursing School No Longer Going by Their Own Policies

    No, it's a state school. So I am sure that the school is aware of the inherent danger in allowing this to happen. Why in the world would they take the chance? I would be worried about losing my job if I were an instructor. By this going on they a...
  12. Nursing School No Longer Going by Their Own Policies

    Can't it still hurt the program?
  13. Ok, so here's my question/concern: What reason(s) would a nursing program have for no longer supporting their own policies contained within their nursing handbook? In the time that I have been in this program, I have seen a lot of changes. 1. Poli...