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  1. Laminectomy complications

    Hello all, Im a new grad and was wondering if new onset RLE weakness and decreased sensation are serious complications post op day one for a lumbar laminectomy? Or is this expected? Thanks
  2. DUI when applying In CA

    Just wanted to briefly describe my experience with applying with a DUI in California. I received a DUI 1st semester of nursing school. I was worried sick and this forum provided a lot of insight and advice that helped me through the process. I sent ...
  3. A DUI is a BIG Deal.

    Did you get a letter from an MD stating you don't have a substance abuse problem... I think it's difficult to refute an MD stating you don't have an issue... Did you do any volunteering??
  4. ADN degree with DUI probation.

    Hey this site won't let me PM here's my email
  5. Got a DUI in nursing school & NCLEX

    How recent were your DUI's if you don't mind me asking, also how high did you blow?? Im so happy for you!! -Thanks a million
  6. DUI in CA: I am in the clear

    That's awesome congratulations!! How high did you blow .09, .10?? Did you turn in a psych eval?? Can you send me the letter you sent, I'm getting ready to write my letter, and could use some insight... Thanks a million!!
  7. ADN degree with DUI probation.

    Good luck! Do you have a lawyer or doing it on your own? It's seems 50/50, some people have them some don't, however it doesn't seem to make a difference with the outcome...
  8. ADN degree with DUI probation.

    Any updates?? Wishing you the best!!
  9. Got a DUI in nursing school & NCLEX

    That's awesome!! Congrats!! sorry if I sound like a broken record, but did they initially deny you or did you just apply and they gave you ATT.. Did you send anything to increase your chance like reference letters, community service, psych evaluation...
  10. Got a DUI in nursing school & NCLEX

    Just for clarification if you pass the nclex, will the board issue you an unrestricted license or a probationary one, you can still recieve ATT with pending BRN investigation, ATT doesn't guarantee an unrestricted license..
  11. Got a DUI in nursing school & NCLEX

    I'm in the exact same situation except they took 2 breath samples .11 and .13, I think they used the .13 sample on the paperwork though... thats why I asked..
  12. Got a DUI in nursing school & NCLEX

    How high did you blow of you don't mind me asking?