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  1. BethBoynton

    Bad situation and mad coworker? What could I have done?

    Seems to me like you were working really hard to provide safe care and did a great job. I feel for you as well as the night nurse. If there is any way you guys can work to understand each others perspectives and cut each other some slack, I'm all fo...
  2. Feedback can be tough to take in at times and that's ok. Many of you have said the scenario is unrealistic and I hear you. I've worked for years in toxic cultures and believe in something much better. I am calling for a higher standard for staff n...
  3. Emotional intelligence isn't a made up term. In fact, it all about self and other and in the big picture calls upon all of us to be more accountable and better listeners. Managers who are putting all the responsibility on staff are not doing their ...
  4. Yes, keep some hope alive. I think there is a fine line between blame and accountability. Blaming has a judgment attached, I think like she is bad somehow and that isn't my intention. Amanda should be accountable and so should her organization. T...
  5. Thanks for your comments. I am idealistic and believe the real world can be better for us in healthcare and in general and work towards that goal. Saying "No" can be a good option and in fact lead to new ideas and solutions. It would not, IMHO be ...
  6. Can We Help Amanda Survive Her Nursing Career? Or her Day? By Beth Hawkes and Beth Boynton Amanda is desperately trying to get through her shift today without running into the bathroom and crying. Her patient in 4141 is calling again f...
  7. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Great example and I appreciate your honesty. And you raise great questions nurse responsibility for the whole unit about parental responsibility and education. I don't have the answer and hate to think of another form to sign (I.e. Parents agree to...
  8. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Excellent questions!!! I know from a subsequent conversation or maybe blogpost from Leilani, that they did change the investigation led to some design changes.
  9. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Right, from a liability perspective, I get that. What about future liability? I get that there is no defense for the poor coutcomes, but wonder if Risk Managers have the power to shed light on the other issues I.e. Staffing, false alarms, etc?
  10. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    I know. I'm hoping that more awareness about the issue will help.
  11. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Great points and question I.e. Would a nurse turn off an alarm even with adequate staffing to appease a family member. I would hope not and if he or she did, it would raise more questions about what does appeasing a parent mean and what kind of conv...
  12. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Well put! Thank you for bringing in the Risk Manager's perspective.
  13. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    I hear you about the extraneous alarms and they drive me crazy! You might like the YouTube: Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety: . While I agree that there is no excuse for turning off an alarm for such a reason and ...
  14. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Thanks for your insights.....I'm a systems problem/systems solution thinker too and yet can't condone the RN's action either. I think it might be worth adding that in this instance, the RN and the bigger system are at fault, but if the RN is blamed ...
  15. BethBoynton

    Would You Blame This RN or Look Deeper?

    Great points, Jadelpn. You help describe the catch 22 we get in when there are not enough people to answer all the alarms and I completely agree that an "acuity-based staffing system" would be a better and safer solution. Sometimes, I have felt tha...
  16. BethBoynton

    Is She Artistic or Autistic?

    What a wonderful testiment to your daughter and your family, Donna. I can imagine some trying times and yet the gifts your 'artistic' daughter has brought into the world seem immeasurable. Besides being beautifully written and heartfelt, it seems t...