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  1. Brandi,RN

    Preventing call-ins

    There is no attack on anyone. (Seriously? LOL.) If you are sick and can't come to work I get it, but this is something that only happens like once a year. And there is a difference between not feeling well and being sick. You might not feel well but you still need to go to work. There are people relying on you. 90+% of call ins are not because somebody is too sick to work anyways. I'm reaching out to a community of nurses to see what their policies and procedures are on call ins. What have they initiated to stop/prevent them, etc. So if you can't/won't answer or just want to post something pointless just move on. If you're truly nurses I don't get why you'd waste not only my time but yours.
  2. Brandi,RN

    Preventing call-ins

    That is definitely most of the problem. I just got a job as a nurse manager at a facility new to me. Our policy is that after so many call ins/write ups it's termination. I'm honestly a little scared that if we fully enforced the policy we would have to fire a good chunk of our staff and being in a smaller, rural town in Iowa we struggle to find applicants.
  3. Brandi,RN

    Preventing call-ins

    How do you (attempt) to prevent call ins at work? It's becoming a real problem where I work (CNAs more than nurses), what is everyone out there doing to prevent that? Attendance bonuses, having to work another shift, etc
  4. Brandi,RN

    DNR help?!?!!

    Definately what others have said. DNR does NOT mean do not treat, not at all. We send DNRs out via ambulance and all. For level 3s we confer with family because generally they don't want them sent out. But you don't let someone lay there is respiratory distress or having an MI because they are a DNR.
  5. Brandi,RN

    The right to an opinion

    The resident is your patient and your priority. Your job is to advocate for your patient. It's your job to have an opinion. I do agree it's the new nurse rose colored glasses, 6 months is not much time at all as a nurse. The things you mentioned are detrimental to the resident, I can see maybe having them up in a chair and blended foods at being of process but there comes a point where that is just not possible. It's hard to watch people die and it's hard for most families to cope - it's part of the job.
  6. Brandi,RN

    Iowa Nursing Students- HELP!!!

    The minimum is a C. But the lowest percent you can get is 80/85% depending on the classe. The letter grade and % is adjusted. For example A = 100-94% B = 93-88% C = 89-80% anything lower = fail
  7. Brandi,RN

    Hawkeye Community College LPN and RN Programs

    I would recommend attend Hawkeye for your ADN then attending another school for your RN-BSN! Saves you a bunch of money and doesn't affect you ability to get hired somewhere.
  8. Brandi,RN

    Iowa Nursing Students- HELP!!!

    Hawkeye's minimum passing score is 80% in most classes 85% in a few. Hawkeye has a good nursing problem and a high graduation/NCLEX pass rate. I attended for the LPN & RN program.
  9. Brandi,RN

    Medication Error Reduction

    I do quality assurance for the LTC facility I work at. We have a low medication error rate but are always looking at ways to improve. The majority of our med errors are missed medication. Meaning that a med was not given - these meds are in a cassette specific to that resident (labeled and everything) in their own area on the med cart. This is such an easily avoidable error but it's still happening. Does your facility see this type of error? What have you done to prevent it? We have EMR so the MAR/TAR is on a computer. What preventions are in place at your facility to prevent med errors? What happens at your facility after a med error has occurred? For a 'repeat offender' what is done?