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  1. Traditional placement for spring 2019

    you can get a letter of acceptance up until the day before class. MY friends got letters in december and started in january with me. I got mine late november. Time stamp was oct 2015
  2. Traditional placement for spring 2019

    last i heard it was around oct 2016-jan2017. Scottsdale is the furthest. I graduated from SCC, i loved it!
  3. Banner New grad, what to expect?

    I heard the first 3 weeks will be doing simulation and lectures. Is that true?
  4. Banner New grad, what to expect?

    HI everyone! i start the banner new grad program on September 24th, can anyone tell me wha the first few weeks consist of? Ive been with banner for 3 years so i know the company, but have no idea what to expect as a new nurse! Thanks (:
  5. Banner New Grad Experience

    I am working at banner desert in the PEDS ER. Tomorrow I'm going to sign paper work! where will you be?
  6. Banner New Grad Experience

    Anyone start orientation on September 24?! (:
  7. Arizona Opportunities

    I work in mesa at a banner ED i love it! 5th busiest ER in the country. they hire without a BSN so thats nice too.
  8. PCT Training HELP

    and i get paid for all the other classes like EKG, ACLS, PALS too. I've been with banner two years and been denied twice for tuition reimbursement.
  9. PCT Training HELP

    yeah i currently work at banner desert in the ER and they paid me to train and i do IV's, foleys, blood draws, wound cleaning, splinting, everything a nurse does mostly except i can't give medications.
  10. Block 4 Resources

    thats crazy you just finished! my friends at SCC just finished two weeks ago. so how was it with working? is it doable?
  11. New Grad! HELP!

    they are very situational and want to know how you would SAFTLY handle situations.
  12. Block 4 Resources

    okay i gotta know, how did the rest of the semester go?! should i do it?!
  13. New Grad! HELP!

    I work for Banner, they love new grads just not at the main hub. try them! do you by chance know anyone in the field? reach out to your previous professors!!
  14. ADN Jobs?

    that is so true and i hate that people always say that you won't get a job...because you will. Banner still hires with an ADN just not at the magnet facilities.
  15. How do YOU like SCC?

    My professor there teaches the summer sessions, this summer and next. If there are more people than spots available than they choose it based on GPA but if there are enough spots for all applicants for the summer session, you get right it. It's 12 we...