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  1. etpstudent

    3rd time taking NCLEX

    I did all of Kaplan and Hurst but I think I passed because of UWorld. Their remediations are ten times better than Kaplan's and I found their format to be most similar to the actual test.
  2. etpstudent

    Testing Tuesday, qbank scores dropping

    A similar thing happened to me although my scores were mostly in the high fifties/low sixties then they dipped into the low 50s/40s in the few days before my test. I passed with 75 questions. Good luck!
  3. etpstudent

    Uworld question

    I did almost all of Kaplan, all of Uworld and most of the Hurst videos but not the questions. Hurst was good for basic content. UWorld was awesome for remediation. I did not like Kaplan that much but it was the program my school used. Of the three, I would definitely recommend UWorld. Their explanations are very clear and comprehensive. You don't have to always be looking up topics in Saunders. Also, I found them to be more similar to the actual nclex than Kaplan. As a side note, I did not do that well on the questions overall (mostly 50s with a few embarrassingly low scores here and there) and still passed with 75 questions. Good luck!