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  1. Preceptors for Georgia State

    Has anyone who is attending a Georgia State graduate program know if they find clinical placements and preceptors for you?
  2. Georgia State University

    Does the PMHNP program for this school find preceptors for you?
  3. So I already have my ADN, are you saying if I were to get a BA and masters in psychology then I couldn’t sit for the PMHNP even though I’m still a nurse? So if I want to get my PMHNP I would have to go for the BSN then, is that right?
  4. Thanks for responding. ”...or are thinking the masters in psychology is the same as a masters in advanced nursing with psychiatric specialization -- because they are NOT the same thing.” Whats the difference between these two? My ultimate goal is ...
  5. I currently have my ADN and am working as a psych nurse. I’m looking into getting my PNHNP within the next 4 years. I’m trying to decide if I should do a bachelors and masters in psychology or a BSN and a masters in psychology. Which would be the bes...
  6. Need help with interview questions

    I have a home health case management interview coming up on tuesday. This would be my first case management position as I am switching specialties from bed side nursing. Are there certain questions I should ask during the interview regarding case loa...
  7. Federal audit: Utah-based Western Governors University should repay more than $7
  8. Application investigation-hair test??

    How long ago were the charges for the weed and booze?
  9. Making 100k salary/ income?

    Tell your daughters to look into Travel nursing after getting a year or two of experience. Try going for the high paying specialties like NICU, ICU, L&D. You can make pretty close to that amount of money while being paid to travel all over and se...
  10. Im going to be starting the RN to BSN program in April and Im trying to find out what classes in the BSN were you able to finish pretty quickly? What classes have taken you a bit more time? Thanks!!
  11. Sounds right. Thanks!!!
  12. I've been currently working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for going on 2 years and have decided to go for my FNP-DNP. I was thinking it might be a good idea to get a position in the ER in order to learn a new set of skills and to get use to being exp...
  13. Question for current or studying NP's

    So the certificate would be enough? Thsts great news!
  14. Question for current or studying NP's

    Thanks so much for the response. Here's a link to the program: Family Nurse Practitioner | College of Nursing Basically I'm currently attending WGU in their RN to MSN- Nursing Education. The school is very affordable and I could get my masters with v...
  15. Greetings all. I'm currently completing my BSN and am planning to go on with plans to be FNP. I'm currently researching programs and while I can find masters programs, I'm also seeing a lot of Post-masters certificate programs for Nurse Practioners. ...