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  1. TwoOneTwo

    NYU Fall 2018 New Grad Nurse Residency

    Ahh! Keep me posted. I just heard back and can’t tell if it was a subtle rejection or there actually is little availability of positions
  2. TwoOneTwo

    NYU hiring process

    Belated congratulations!
  3. TwoOneTwo

    NYU Fall 2018 New Grad Nurse Residency

    I have a phone screen tomorrow AM and got my license last week. Have you heard back from them since then? Or still waiting to take your exam?
  4. TwoOneTwo

    Wagner second degree Fall 2017

    Well, this is why I asked about TEAS averages for the incoming class. My overall GPA is not competitive but by some grace, was given an interview. My pre-req grades were competitive/ok and have a year of CNA experience. At the end of my interview, I was urged to take the TEAS asap. I moved my exam up to early March and got a 90 (98%tile). So I think (and hope) TEAS does affect their decision if you have a non competitive GPA. I presume a conditional acceptance means you just need to pass their TEAS 60% benchmark and/or whatever pre-req courses you have left with a C or higher, and voila, you're in.
  5. TwoOneTwo

    Wagner second degree Fall 2017

    50 spots again this year, yes. But my interviewer told me thus far (took my interview back in late Feb), there were 180+ applicants. Eek! Good of luck to everyone and please post when the letter comes in! So anxious.
  6. TwoOneTwo

    Wagner second degree Fall 2017

    Yes I know that. That's a pre-req. I'm asking for the class avg of prior years
  7. TwoOneTwo

    Wagner second degree Fall 2017

    Does anyone know the avg TEAS score for Wagner acceptances??
  8. TwoOneTwo

    Wagner college ABSN Fall 2015

    Hello future RNs! (: I'm an eager applicant for the next cycle. I've seen a handful of these threads getting you guys together before the school year but I haven't seen much about how it all fleshed out. How's everyones experience been? The program? Job outlook for the class above you? Any insights would be appreciated.