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  1. FTCC Fall 2016

  2. FTCC Fall 2016

    Got in !
  3. FTCC Fall 2016

    & it sure seems like there is a lot to do once you get accepted. Uniforms books and all these things to prepare so you'd think they would give you more time to get ready!
  4. FTCC Fall 2016

    Got mine as well! April 20th! At 2! How exciting to finally hear something! Good luck everyone I am sure we will kick ass.
  5. FTCC Fall 2016

    Yeah I have heard the program is not very good but if I become a nurse then I will be happy! If we get in we should celebrate!
  6. FTCC Fall 2016

    I think you still get points but that you have to retake it once you start.
  7. FTCC Fall 2016

    I think it is kind of unfair to change the point system in the middle of the application period. Although I guess if they aren't giving points out for just being on time and wearing appropriate clothes then no one will get them and it will still be e...
  8. Fayetteville Tech RN Hopefuls

    Oh ok well my email associated with it is jessimorehouse@yahoo.com I ended up applying to sandhills as well.
  9. FTCC Fall 2016

    She didn't tell me previous points but told me they accepted all applicants last year. The only points info I could find on here were in the 150's so they have definitely changed in since then. Ok I will find you on there. This website kind of sucks ...
  10. FTCC Fall 2016

    Oh good so I have taken all the classes and also I'm a CNA 2. Sounds like we should be good. I'm decent at math cause I just took a college algebra class as well! Okay so without the info session I believe I have 65, so then I should be able to get t...
  11. Fayetteville Tech RN Hopefuls

    Oh cool! I don't know anyone around here. You should add me on facebook and my name is Jessi Condon!
  12. FTCC Fall 2016

    I'm not sure how to add them up...But I got an A in both the prereq english classes, an A in psychology, and a C and B in the A&P classes. Are those all the classes you can get points for? Then I got an 84 on the TEAS. I have a bunch of classes ...
  13. Nursing Schools in the Fayetteville Area

    I just applied to FTCC
  14. Fayetteville Tech RN Hopefuls

    Did you ever get in...I'm applying here for the 2016 class
  15. FTCC Fall 2016

    If you want to get intouch you'll have to use facebook because it doesn't let me message anyone on here. Or my email.