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  1. I would like to take out little to no loans for nursing school. I'm looking at almost $33,000 per year in tuition. Are there any hospitals that offer tuition assistance in Oklahoma?
  2. Alexiaa

    OU vs OCU Nursing Program

    I'm a little torn between the two nursing programs. As of right now, I've been accepted to Kramer's school of nursing. The only thing that is making feel uneasy is the price of tuition. With OU, my GPA is a little under the average accepted GPA. I've missed the application deadline so I would have to wait until the fall to apply to the ABSN program. I'm open to go to either attending OUHSC or OU-Lawton. If there are any current nursing students at either school, please let me know how each program is! Please tell me all the things you dislike/like about the program so I can either choose to wait for OU's nursing program or go ahead and go to OCU. Thanks!