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    2016 bsn program at kramer school of nursing questions...

    Maria, I may be late answering to your thread but I know someone out there considering Kramer will read it. I am currently a senior at Kramer School of Nursing and will be graduating May 2018. My experience has been nothing but wonderful. All the faculty have been accommodating and supportive of students that they know are working hard. Of course there are complaints about faculty, but it will most likely come from someone who is not doing well in the course. No nursing school is perfect! I'm going to be straight up and tell you that a lot of the negative comments that I see on this website about Kramer comes from students that have failed out of the program and have time to answer to threads. Nursing students that are doing well and studying hard do not have time to answer to threads and sit on message boards all day. I am answering this now because every time I see something about Kramer, it has always been negative. It bothers me to know that someone is hesitant to go to a school based on bad reviews by students that have failed out. My tuition is mostly covered by scholarships. The school offers a lot of scholarships and locally hospitals are very willing to help pay for school if you want to work for them after graduation.