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Filipina nurse

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  1. Filipina

    Advice needed!

    Hello! I'm still here! I recently went through an interview Oct. 4, it was mostly done by the ER Charge nurse, she seemed so nice and even gave me a tour of the ED. She described to me want the Emergency Tech job entails. And kept asking me when I'm ...
  2. Filipina

    Advice needed!

    Thank you both for replying! I recently went to a State Workforce Commission to search for a job and found a job I can apply to. The job is for Emergency Technician and is schedule for an interview first week of October. What if they ask what salary ...
  3. Filipina

    Advice needed!

    I'm a BSN graduate 1995 from the Philippines. I have just worked for 8 months in there, 'cause there's no work everywhere for nurses (there's too much nurses back home) I even work as a volunteer RN with no pay. I haven't worked since coming here...
  4. Filipina

    Texan Joke

    That's totally outrageous! I've never heard that before!
  5. Filipina

    blonde joke

    That's not as funny as the other one.
  6. Filipina

    NCLEX-RN Application Problems

    I graduated from the Philippines April'95 , got my license as an RN August'95, reviewed in Kaplan for my CGFNS,passed my CGFNS May '96. Worked as volunteer RN without pay From Jan.'96 to Sept.'96. Kept searching for a job there but there is none, mos...