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  1. I got in! I was number 5 on the alternate list so keep your fingers crossed alternates :)
  2. No alternate news yet? Last year did they tell all the alternates the same day (or the first wave of them at least?) after the deadline for the accepted applicants?
  3. Were you an alternate?
  4. My score was 352. Full points for grades and an 82 on the test!
  5. What alternate are you? We can keep hoping together:) I'm also a mama!
  6. Just got my email and I'm alternate number 5. Ahhhh which means more waiting for me... Argh. Any other alternates out there?
  7. Oh man I am so eager to know! I scored 352 which doesn't seem high compared to last year but with the test this year you never know. I got an 82 on the test which compared to other threads seems like a good Kaplan score but this thread makes it sounds like a lot of Chemeketa applicants did super well! I just want to know so I can deal with it one way or another!
  8. Anyone heard what the average test score was yet?
  9. I got an 82 on the test and have full points with my grades... Anyone else around that score? I feel like everyone on this thread has done super well! Which makes me curious where I sit. Eeek!
  10. Yeah I heard that too, What did you get on it?
  11. Ya that was my worst section too! Do you remember any test questions? I remember one about asthma
  12. Yes I am retaking on the 14th. 81 seems good!! How'd you do on science?
  13. What did you guys get on the test? Over all I got a 76% í ½í¸• so I'm going to retake it. The science section killed my score!!
  14. Hi there! Anything new from the Kaplan test in the last year? I'm taking mine next week!