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  1. SweetDuluth

    WHNP or FNP

    I just logged on to write the exact post. Have you made a decision between WHNP or FNP? I hope my post bumps this to the top.
  2. SweetDuluth

    Advice: Choosing clinical unit and I am pregnant

    Neither Behavioral Health or Oncology where high on my list. Thank you! I bet it would have been great to witness you at 37 wks straddling a pt and giving CPR.
  3. Hello to all of you lovely nurses!! What unit(s) would be best to choose or avoid for a 135 hour rotation while 30-34 weeks pregnant? This is my first pregnancy and I don't know what to expect. I am active, reasonably fit, and practice self-care. At this point I have no reason to expect that I won't be able to fulfill my duties. My goal is to work in women's health at some point in my career. But before I go there I want to gain more critical care experience to prepare me for emergent situations. Plus, I think critical care and trauma is fascinating. I want to select an ICU unit for this capstone. If ICU is a good choice at this point, would a certain ICU unit be better (MICU, CICU, Burn ICU, NTICU)? What do you think? What am I not considering? Have you worked with pregnant nursing students and what should I consider? Lot's of questions. Kelly
  4. SweetDuluth

    University of Northwestern Post-Bacc experience?

    Hi! I am also interested in this program. Have you found anything out beyond this post? Are you applying to other programs in Minnesota?