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  1. IsabellaRN2

    Just starting PhD at Northcentral University

    They say about 10-12hrs, I'm not working right now, (on disability) because I have cancer, hope to eventually go back to work, I'm so gle and have no kids, so don't have to worry about that, but I know tons of ppl that do it with families and work, just lots of reading and writing a paper per week right now. Lots research, just learning to navigate all the databases to find resources. I got federal financial aid but I'm about to run out, used it for my bachelor's and masters, so not sure what gonna do, it's expensive. Still not sir eif I made the right decision, but I'm going with it for now. Feel free to ask away! Izzy
  2. IsabellaRN2

    Would you recommend going strait to DNP after BSN program

    Essentially, no.
  3. I have a strong interest in psych nursing, anybody do something like this, switch to a psych focus without clinical hours, (mainly focused on research). I'm. Happy to be starting my program but still dont k ow what I want to be when I grow up, lol
  4. IsabellaRN2

    Where to apply for teaching positions?

    I just started a PhD program in nursing ducation. I want to obtain a faculty position, part-time while in school but I dont know where to look for positions. Tia Izzy
  5. IsabellaRN2

    Private student loans

    I'm going to need a private student loan to Complete my doctoral degree. Anyone ever gone this route? Any recommendations?
  6. You can do anything your heart desires. I highly recommend a doable and realistic time management schedule down to the minute, including bathroom. Breaks, ha. Do things in small chunks, read an assignment on your phone while nursing baby, etc
  7. IsabellaRN2

    Just starting PhD at Northcentral University

    And yes many professors is my area, I'm working towards a doctor of philosophy with emphasis is nursing education. Each class is taught in a one-to-one setting w a doctorate level professor and you can progress one class at a time or by stacking classes by starting one 2-3 weeks before one is finished I'm. Just getting my feet wet so just one class for now. Izzy
  8. IsabellaRN2

    Just starting PhD at Northcentral University

    Oj sorry, I did misunderstand you. I'm only in my 3rd week and my first real paper is due next Sunday. I've got about 3/4 of it done. Thr article we are to read and base our paper on is very complicated to read. Ive literally read it about 6 times. I do t like how it's written and would choose not to use it if I was doing my own paper very verbose and not in correct apa format which is a main focus of this assignment, it might be in mla, I'm not sure because I've only ever used apa, so fortunately have some familiarity with it. It's been a difficult assignment that I've been steadily working on this week even tho not due for a week on of my goals was to stay ahead of assignments. The way the program works is we have essentially 8 modules per course for the 8 week session. Some longer than others. Hope that answers your question this time! Izzy
  9. IsabellaRN2

    Just starting PhD at Northcentral University

    I talked to about 6 different schools, I chose this program because I like the set up and one to one instructors. Have been impressed so far, but it has been hard to navigate their online classroom, but from what I understand it's just been updated, so kinks are still being worked out.
  10. Excited and nervous to be on this journey!
  11. IsabellaRN2

    Denied Hospital Privileges

    Wow, this is tough, and make some nervous myself. I was fired from an RN position and make some wonder if I'll ever get hospital privileges knowing he would say for a fact I'm. Ineligible for rehire. Is it possible to leave this employer off my resume all together? I know credentialing is a hit different, but how do physicians get a way with this, you can't tell me there are ppl out there that don't have bad reviews from an employer and never got credentialing again???
  12. IsabellaRN2

    Accused of being impaired, fired, now told I can't practice

    I did consult a lawyer and wish I would have sooner. I'm going to defend myself and not be bullied! Thank you everyone for your input, good luck to all of you and your journeys.
  13. IsabellaRN2

    Accused of being impaired, fired, now told I can't practice

    This is not an option, I don't have the funds to begin to even think about having a lawyer. Resources are tapped and don't have insurance.
  14. IsabellaRN2

    Accused of being impaired, fired, now told I can't practice

    Knap is (KS nurse assistance program) I haven't been to work since I was told all this on Wed. I think they are going to require the monitoring regardless, I'm just hoping I can work here in the mean time. Otherwise, I'm homeless with no money and stuck half way across the country!
  15. IsabellaRN2

    Accused of being impaired, fired, now told I can't practice

    The guy at knap did tell me I was reported to NC Bon, (this all happened wed). I've not started the actual monitoring or agreed to the knap contract, yet. I only didn't go to work because he said of I did, I'd be in violation against their recommendations. He said if I complied with the testing he would then agree I'd be safe to practice. Of course I have no idea what NC board is gonna say. How long will it take for them to contact me? Should I call them myself? I was just informed about the monitoring recommendation on Wednesday, which is why I hadn't told the NC board anything yet.
  16. IsabellaRN2

    Accused of being impaired, fired, now told I can't practice

    I was honest with her, said I drank wine occasionally, never been in trouble before. Had been on xanax before, never an issue. I called in because of an illness. I've never done illegal substances. I have struggled with depression and an eating disorder and was just really having a hard time. I don't have a good excuse for the absences and not going in when I was called back. (admittedly a huge f up) this all happened about 6 weeks ago. At the time I was prescribed ambien, and may have still had it in my system when I met with my mgr, also hadn't slept in about 48hrs. I haven't so much taken a benadryl since then. I understand knap is recommending I do a 3yr monitoring program (fine) but as of last week also said I could t practice. I'm currently working in NC on a travel assignment, so I can't miss anymore days, or contract will be cancelled (understandably so). The person at knap told me pending the uds I took on Friday weather I could go back to work this week. I literally have $15, staying in a hotel and if I can't work, I'm finished. I've been applying for other jobs, but no way I can get hired immediately and make enough money to live on. I appreciate all the feedback, just have to sit here and wait, hopefully will hear something tmrw.

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