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  1. Low flow vs high flow nasal cannula

    Thank you so much for your response!! I went back to work last night and looked everywhere for any kind of knob for FiO2 for my patient and there wasn't one! However I checked in another high flow pt's room, and there was one just like in your pictur...
  2. Hi! I'm a new grad working on a peds med surg floor. Respiratory season has started strong here and we've been getting lots of kids on high flow oxygen. I have a question that nobody on my floor (nurses, RT's, residents) has been able to answer for m...
  3. Urostomy Night Drainage Bag

    I have to write a paper about a patient experience I had in clinical. This patient had a trauma-related urostomy that was relatively well-cared-for, but his other illnesses were definitely not. The wound/ostomy nurse came by for a consult and she ...
  4. CNA to patient ratio

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, so please forgive me if I put it in the wrong place! I'm currently in nursing school, and I work as a CNA now, as well. My first job started in May, and I've loved it. I get so much experience, especially becaus...