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hon918 is a ADN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. When I graduated in Spring 2018, CCBC was offering an ATB 2.0 program that allowed students to start an ATB program in their 3rd semester. If you are starting your first semester this fall, I would reach out to someone in the CCBC program now, explain your situation and see if any ATB programs would still accept students past the deadline, it can't hurt.
  2. hon918

    BSN vs RN-BSN programs, pros and cons?

    I was in a similar position. I had a B.S. in biology, was working full-time, and was faced with the same dilemma. I took my missing prerequisites at a community college and then decided to go the ADN route. It cost significantly less money and the school offered an evening/weekend option which allowed me to continue to work my full time, 9-5 job. Once I finished my ADN and passed the NCLEX, I found a nursing position with a new grad residency pretty quickly. Where I live there are lots of new grad jobs and most employers will hire ADN nurses as long as you will commit to get a BSN within a certain timeframe. My employer also offers tuition reimbursement. You really need to research the job market in your area as this varies around the country. In my state the community colleges have dual enrollment partnerships with universities for RN-BSN. I took one class for my BSN each semester while working on my ADN. This meant I had one semester left of BSN classes when I graduated from my ADN program. I think several states have similar programs.
  3. What specialties are interested in? I feel like I've seen a bunch of new grad postings in the last few weeks.
  4. I'm a new grad too. I think this is really going to vary from unit to unit within every hospital. Even in a hospital that generally has a good sense of community, you can still have units with a not so great culture. That said, I had clinical in a number of Baltimore area hospitals and had the best experiences with the nurses at Mercy, Mt. Washington Pediatric hospital, and Johns Hopkins Bayview. I did not have clinical at GBMC, but did interview there, and felt like they had a strong sense of community and were really supportive of their nurses. I suggest taking share time if offered after job interviews, it gives you a look into the atmosphere of the unit.
  5. hon918


    You can try the trick after you get the email from Pearson saying you completed the test, usually an hour or so after you finish.
  6. hon918

    TEAS vs NCLEX easiness

    Are you sure you mean NCLEX and HESI? The TEAS and HESI are entrance exams and basic knowledge tests; the NCLEX on the other hand is taken after you complete nursing school.
  7. hon918

    RN to BSN question...

    Yes, you'd want an RN to BSN program. So you did an associates program to go from LPN to RN, correct? And I'm guessing you took all sorts of prerequisites - English, math, bio, anatomy, microbiology, etc. You can transfer the prerequisite and nursing credits into an RN to BSN program. Then you just need to finish any remaining prerequisites for the program you choose (possibly at a community college) and the BSN level nursing classes. You may want to contact the RN to BSN programs you are interested in and have them do a transcript evaluation to see what credits transfer and what you need to take.
  8. hon918

    RN to BSN question...

    It is pretty confusing, but no, in most cases you don't need an AA to enter a BSN program. If you are not already an RN, you want to make sure you are looking for a BSN program, not an RN to BSN program. A RN to BSN program would be for someone who has already completed the clinical components in an AA or diploma program and is a licensed RN. The confusion comes from the fact that there are multiple pathways to becoming an RN: diploma, associates, BSN, and Masters programs can all qualify you to take the NCLEX. Hope that helps!
  9. hon918

    How do they let you know you failed the NCLEX?

    You should be able to go on the Pearson site and pay to get your quick results if your state allows (it's $8). At least you will know for sure either way. Good luck!
  10. hon918

    CCBC Evening/Weekend Schedule

    I'm just finishing up at CCBC, I am doing ATB at Frostburg and have worked full-time. Most people in my evening/weekend class managed to work full-time throughout the program. I don't have kids, but a few people did and made it work. Having some sort of flexibility at work and a good support system at home will definitely make it easier. First semester can be a bit rough; you're on campus a bit more - 3 nights a week versus 2 later on, since you are taking Frostburg classes. You are getting used to the exams and have to go into lab to practice skills. We also had labs on the weekend for the first 8 or so weeks, either Saturday or Sunday, and they were 3-4 hours long. By the end of October we started clinical, which was both days for 5-6 hours, and I think we did that for 5 weekends. The Frostburg classes seem easier. You'll have 6 or 7 2-week modules, each with a reading and some sort of assignment/discussion board/quiz or paper. The key is managing your time to get it all done - get a good planner and keep track of all your due dates.
  11. hon918

    Need help on this basic med math problem?

    Close, you lost a 0 converting min to hours, should be 0.017 hr. Here's how I would set this up: (0.008 units/1 min.) x (1000ml/ 10 units) x (60 min./ 1 hr) = 48 ml/hr
  12. hon918

    Reading Glasses

    Try searching for bifocal readers.
  13. hon918

    New to Nursing, and transferring schools

    They also offer the TEAS at PSI testing centers. I just looked and the one in Sacramento has testing slots available in January.
  14. hon918

    Having trouble in college algebra

    If you are doing that poorly, I would withdraw from the class. You don't want a failing grade on your transcript when you go to apply to nursing school. Make an appointment and talk to a professional about the depression and anxiety. See if you can take the class with a different professor next time. Use ratemyprofessors.com for reviews or ask other students. I would check out youtube or Khan Academy in the meantime to find videos that explain the content you don't understand. You can do this! Good luck!
  15. hon918

    First exam!!!

    I would suggest doing focusing more on the powerpoints and then doing practice questions. I'm guessing you are in a Fundamentals type course, if so, there is a book, Fundamentals Success, which has lots of nursing style questions based on that content and also has some tips on breaking down the questions. You can also use google and find more practice questions.
  16. hon918

    Dosage problem help

    Start by calculating the flow rate in ml/min.

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