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  1. nursetobe9

    CHLA RN Transition Fellowship August 2020

    @djd241 I applied to BMT!
  2. nursetobe9

    Cedars Sinai RN new grad Oct 2016

    Awesome, thanks for creating the FB group kColleen - so excited to get to know you all!
  3. nursetobe9

    Cedars Sinai RN new grad Oct 2016

    What unit did everyone get??
  4. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice/input from those who have gone through Cedars-Sinai's and City of Hope's new grad programs. How was your experience? Would you recommend to future new nurses? Thanks :)
  5. nursetobe9

    Waiting for ATT (May 2016 Grad)

    Mamajaan, No updates for me Last week I sent an email to governor Jerry Brown and got an email the next day saying they had forwarded my issue to the DCA Board of Registered Nursing for investigation. I also emailed my congresswoman on the same day but haven't heard anything back.
  6. nursetobe9

    Waiting for ATT (May 2016 Grad)

    I'm in the same boat...application filed April 15 and still waiting. Has anyone tried contacting the governor? I've seen people mention going that route before but I wondered if it brings any results. I've filed a complaint with the DCA and they said they would forward it on to the BRN, but I haven't heard anything else.
  7. nursetobe9

    California BRN Processing Times Poll

    Secondlifen2b, our situations sound extremely similar...how frustrating this process has been! 1) license by exam 2) filed - April 15 (sent everything in mid-January) 3) 15 weeks 4) Paper 5) out-of-state school 6) non-cali resident 7) Along with the processing timeframe constantly changing (it started at 10-12 weeks when I applied and has since been changed to 16-18 weeks and then disappeared altogether!), I was told about a month ago that my fingerprint cards were processing but my application would be processed in a few more weeks...called this week and was told there are no records of my fingerprint cards in the system and that it would be at least 4-6 weeks until my application was processed. 8) Numerous calls to CA BRN, complaint with the DCA (quickly got an email response from them but haven't heard anything from the BRN), emergency LiveScan since my fingerprint cards were lost 9) Yes - I'm supposed to start working at the end of August but if I am unable to take my NCLEX by mid-August, I will not be able to work until November