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  1. Nnas advisory report

    if i registered in another province then is it same ? i mean OSCE exam is compulsary in all regulatory bodies. Thanks
  2. Jurisprudence exam

    i wrote the jusisprudence exam . Can i work as a PSW for the time being?
  3. Jurisprudence exam

    hii dishes , I got a letter from cno for OSCE . Can you please help me, How should i prepare myself for OSCE. I left my prasctice 3 and hlf year ago bavk home. even the health care system and procedure are little different . so i am scared.
  4. Nnas advisory report

  5. Nnas advisory report

    i get the exam from CNO please help me what preparation I need for that exam.
  6. Nnas advisory report

    do you know how long it will take the process after register with CNO?
  7. Nnas advisory report

    thanks dishes, I am still waiting for the reply from CNO.
  8. Nnas advisory report

    Hii everyone, my assessmnt is completed from nnas. In the advisory report it says comparable or somewhat comparable. What that means? Do i hv to take courses for those thay are not comparable?
  9. temporary registration

    thanks a lot frnds..............
  10. temporary registration

    yes we can move to other province. But do i need permanent residence for my nclex exam?
  11. temporary registration

    I have no reentry, means i cannot gi outside canada. But my left my last job in april 2013.
  12. temporary registration

    not yet. One document from india university is pending. Hope to get that soon.
  13. temporary registration

    not yet. My one document is pending from India university. Hope to get that in few weeks.
  14. temporary registration

    Thanks silver. My inland spousal case is in process. Can you guide me about this medical. Because of this work permit condition i just lost the opportunity to work in a hospital kitchen last week.
  15. temporary registration

    hlo friends: I passed my graduation in 2012. I have no contact with my study after that. sometimes i feel that i am blank and forget everything. I am planning to sit for nclex in next months. Please guide me to start my study. How i should prepare my...