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  1. larn2016

    Providence TIP Program April 2019

    About 3 weeks for a reply
  2. larn2016

    Providence TIP Program April 2019

    Hello! I applied for the September 2019 cohort and received a call back for a phone interview. Where are you all in the process?
  3. larn2016

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    Uworld only. Passed in 75 questions the first time in California. Received my results on the breeze website in 2 days. Got the good pop up. Did 1900 questions in 5 weeks with a 70% average. Very high chance of passing on the first assessment and high chance of passing on the second assessment. I felt Uworld questions were much more difficult than NCLEX questions.
  4. I wanted to start a thread for CSU Fullerton's Distance/Jump-Start RN to BSN program. I'm an active 3rd semester ADN student, and recently submitted my application to the Distance program. Anyone with info about the program please share here!
  5. larn2016

    Cal State San Marcos online RN to BSN

    I was told by alumni 1 year of college Spanish is required for graduation.
  6. larn2016

    CSUF BSN- Distance

    I haven't spoken to an advisor yet, but am interested in the distance program the offer. Here is a link with info on both campus on distance RN-BSN: Bad Request
  7. larn2016

    Los Angeles City College (LACC) Spring 2017

    Hello all, Current student at LACC here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! FYI: Ppl that were waitlisted in the high teens were accepted in previous semesters.