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EDNURSE4LIFE has 17 years experience and specializes in Emergency, CVICU, PICU, NICU, MICU, SICU.

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    Leik Intensive Review Course

    Leiks information is great and spot on!!! I too passed my certification exam and felt that she was very helpful to my success

    FNP ANCC 2016 Exam

    I was in your boat as well. I wanted to take the ANCC and that was that. However, I like you scheduled both tests and took the AANP first. I passed the AANP and have to say that there is a great deal of weight lifted once you see that PASSED on your screen. Then I knew that I had the clinical part down so I studied all the ANCC theories, Laws, ethics, and cultural issues. My tests were 5 days apart and I went in for the ANCC without any anxiety or fear because I knew I had already passed the AANP. Review the ANCC materials and they have practice questions that you can purchase that are very helpful. Being dual boarded is an accomplishment and I would wager to say that you will be on here telling us how you passed. Good luck to you. Chin Up and Study hard

    RN's in my ED are having a problem with a tech, need advice

    When I was a staff nurse we had similar issues with a tech. I will tell you what we did and the outcome. Little background...... We had a tech that was ACLS certified...they could not preform CPR for the life of them They thought that the MAP was the heart rate They felt it was appropriate to give patients their personal information Would unhook pts from the monitor without checking with the nurses Complete nursing assessments and leave the RN for the pt a note about her findings Plus many many more Here is what we did..... We kept detailed logs of the issues (dates, pt initials, and the issue) What we advised the tech about the issue The response from the feedback given to the tech The issue that you have is that when it is busy it is hard to keep an eye on the "bad apple" so we had to find a few techs that are awesome and felt that this person was also a "threat" and asked them to help "keep and eye" on them Three of us (2 RN's and a Tech) plus a charge nurse that was on board with this tech being a safety threat scheduled a meeting with the manager and showed her the information that we had collected and basically this tech was written up and was required to be retrained for 12 weeks. The tech was assigned to a tech and 2 nurses for the night and the nurses basically had to supervise them for a few weeks and the simple duties like stocking linen was OK for her to do but anything that was pt related she needed an escort. She lasted about 6 months after the write up and changed floors. After the second orientation and working closely with just a few nurses they seemed to improve. Sorry that this was so long..... Hope it helps

    New Grad FNP job hunting

    I am a member of my states APRN organization and I go to the meetings on a regular basis. I have contacts that I have known for years and I am in contact with them as well. I was offered a job while I was in school, but they are currently on a hiring freeze at this time and the HR director states that I am at the top of the list for hire when they are able. Thanks for the information.

    APEA vs FHEA

    I am a recent grad from the FNP program and I took the FHEA program and supplemented her material with the Leik book. I found that doing the FHEA review reading the Leik book and completing all the review questions twice that I was ready and I passed my boards. I felt that the 2 together were the way to go. I had many people tell me that you could not do just one thing that you needed to supplement the material with another source. In my opinion they were all right. Best of luck

    University of Cincinnati, Off-site Summer 2016 FNP program

    I just graduated from the University of Cincinnati Distance Learning FNP program. It is wonderful. Congrats on getting in. Let me know if you have any questions.

    New Grad FNP job hunting

    Hello, I am a new grad as of December 2015 and I have passed my FNP certification through the AANP. I am in search of a position as an FNP. I have over 16 years of experience as a registered nurse. I worked in pediatrics, med/surg, ICU, CVICU, MICU, NICU, and the emergency room. I have applied for positions ranging from ED, Urgent care, CVS Clinic, Walgreens Clinic, the Little Clinic as well as some hospital based programs. Any suggestions? Do I need to be more patient? I have reached out to several contacts and they seem to think that I am a guaranteed position. While I was in school all of my clinical rotations wanted me when I was finished. However, now that I have graduated and completed my certification they all have no openings at this time. I am eager to start working in my new role. Any suggestions or ideas would be most helpful.