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    use you tube
  2. Hello I will be starting the LPN program in April at Eastern arts and technology. I am super nervous, but been waiting for this day a long time.
  3. gerri1257

    My first day of lpn school is tomorrow

    Congratulation, I start the program in April 2016
  4. gerri1257

    Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    hey pg 123 I have 30 credits so I got waiverd so I didnt have to take the Teas
  5. Is there any one planning on going to Eastern Arts & Technology , class 136 , part-time class April 2016
  6. gerri1257

    Tips/Advice for starting LPN school?

    I am waiting for my acceptance Letter for Eastern arts and technology school in Willow Grove,PA. April 2016 class.
  7. gerri1257

    136 part-time class

    Hello is anyone starting the April 2016 part-time class. I will know by the end of the month
  8. gerri1257

    Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    Hello everyone, are there anyone who will attend Eastern art & technology 136 part-time class out here. April 2016
  9. gerri1257

    Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    Will anyone be attending the 2016 class Eastern arts and technology.
  10. Question I receive the math package for the upcoming class LPN April 2016 class to study and convert medication . Does anyone find it hard to do help
  11. gerri1257

    Eastern arts & techn

    Anyone excepted into the April 2016 program