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  1. A less likely option, but just for the heck of it, perhaps the Zofran threw her into a fatal rhythm r/t her history of arrythmias/HF.
  2. Case Study(CSI): Stomach flu? Anxiety? What’s Going on Here?

    I’d like to start with a current set of vitals along with an EKG and CBC, BMP, and cardiac enzymes please.
  3. RVs error was definitely egregious, and it goes past just being on some form of autopilot. Just yesterday, I was on autopilot and at the Pyxis to retrieve phenergan for my patient. We give it IM for patients coming out of surgery and complaining of...
  4. ACNP clinical rotations

    That's great advice. Thank you!
  5. ACNP clinical rotations

    Hi! I'm starting to look at setting up my clinical rotations and I have to have a hospitalist and intensivist rotation, and have the ability/option to also do a specialty rotation to meet the total hours requirement. I was wondering for those of you ...
  6. Best podcasts

    Thanks for the great recommendation!
  7. Best podcasts

    Thank you!
  8. Best podcasts

    I'm an ACNP student and was just wondering if anyone has recommendations on good podcasts? I would really love to use my commute to expand my knowledge base. Thanks!
  9. Podcasts

    Does anyone have a recommendation for some good podcasts? I'm trying to expand my knowledge base and would love a good podcast to subscribe to for my commute. Thanks!
  10. Beta Blockers PreOp

    Thank you!
  11. Beta Blockers PreOp

    Great article, thank you!
  12. Beta Blockers PreOp

    I'm new to PACU and was just wondering why a preOp evaluation inquires specifically about beta blockers? Also, why do or don't you want a patient to have taken their routine beta blocker preoperatively? I'm just trying to better understand the signif...
  13. Thank you for the feedback! This really makes me feel so better. To answer the two previous posts, I have 1.5 years of ICU experience and do not have yet have my preceptors lined up as I don't start clinicals for over a year. I will be looking to lin...
  14. I currently work nights in an ICU and am in school to become an ACNP. I'm burned on nights but can't work 12 hour days because of child care. I'm considering a change to 8 hour days in a PACU but am worried that leaving the ICU won't look good for m...
  15. Is all nursing experience treated the same?

    I think you're well within your right to apply to any and all positions to find the right fit for you. Due to personal circumstances, I had about a 2 year gap between the time I graduated and started applying for jobs. It took about 2-3 months but I ...