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  1. Leviathan13

    Working as a nurse within london and fringe areas

    Hi Silverdragon102! So it is safe to say that working in fringe areas will be much better?
  2. Hi everyone! I'd like to know which is better when it comes to working as a nurse in the United Kingdom as nurses who work within London have higher pay compare to those who are from Fringe areas. (I know they received HCA's which varies on where they are working.) I just need some input on who saves a lot or it is just the same or it really depends on how frugal you are.
  3. Leviathan13

    Working as a nurse in UK vs USA

    Thank you guys for answering my question. The reason for this is that I have an opportunity to work as a nurse in the US and in the UK. I'm an NCLEX passer and CBT passer as well. I chose to push through with my UK application and I'm currently preparing my documents needed for DL. :)
  4. Leviathan13

    Working as a nurse in UK vs USA

    Thank you skylark! I'm new to this forum & I've seen some posts about this but it was posted in 2009. 🙂
  5. Leviathan13

    Working as a nurse in UK vs USA

    Hello everyone! Can anyone compare the pros and cons of working in the UK & USA as nurse? 🙂
  6. Vermont & Illinois. I'm from the Philippines as well & never been in the US. I took the NCLEX-Illinois in 2012. If you are confuse in the whole process of applying for NCLEX, you can ask for the assitance of NEAC. :)

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