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  1. futurenurse168

    Passing Out at Clinical

    Hi Everyone! I am currently in a TBSN program, and I have a mandatory OR observation coming up. I am super nervous because I have seen one surgery (when I shadowed in HS) and passed out. I also fainted at clinical while watching an invasive procedure in the OR. I don't think I am bothered by surgery itself, but for whatever reason, I don't seem to tolerate watching it very well. OR nursing is definitely not in my future. Has anyone experienced vasovagal syncope as a student and found a way to manage it in the clinical/OR setting? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!! I alway make sure to eat and keep my legs bent.
  2. futurenurse168

    Help Choosing a Nursing School

    Hi everyone! I am a senior in high school and applied to a pretty broad range of schools for 4 year direct-admit nursing. So far, I have been accepted into all the schools I have applied to (listed below), but I have to wait to hear from SDSU, UCLA, and UC Irvine. With the following as options, I am unsure as to which school would be best for me, and it would be very helpful to hear from someone who attended. Arizona State University Texas Christian University University of San Francisco Case Western Reserve University Saint Louis University Seattle University University of Portland Does anyone have experience with any of these colleges and/or their nursing programs? I am struggling to figure out which school would suit me best as well as which has the best nursing program. Thank you in advance!
  3. futurenurse168

    RN, NP, or PA?

    I started a similar topic earlier, but now I would like to ask a more specific question. I thought I 100% wanted to become a nurse after I graduate high school, but now I am doubting that decision. On the other thread, one person commented that as a current RN in PA school, he would recommend becoming a PA instead. I would love to hear from anyone who is working as either an RN, PA, or NP. Do you love your job or do you wish you were working as one of the other options? If you would/wouldn't change your decision, why? The more details and comments the better, as I truly value all opinions :) Thanks in advance!!
  4. futurenurse168

    HS student in need of advice!

    Okay, thanks! I had no idea that Northern Illinois University was direct admit, as with the 2 other schools you mentioned. Thank you for explaining why you chose the school you did also :) All the advice you gave me was super helpful!
  5. futurenurse168

    HS student in need of advice!

    Thank you for your feedback! In your opinion and experience, what makes you believe that becoming a PA is a better option than an RN or NP? I have seriously considered all 3 and honestly can't make up my mind. It's hard without seeing any of these professions in action to know what would be best.
  6. futurenurse168

    HS student in need of advice!

    Thank you so much for all your input! Everything you said was helpful and made perfect sense. Do you mind me asking what college you attend? I completely understand if you don't feel comfortable sharing, I am just very curious since direct admit programs aren't too common and all the ones I found are private, expensive schools! How is the rigor of the program you are in and do you find it manageable? The direct admit programs seem very intense and like a ton of work so I would love to get your opinion. Would you choose a direct admit program over the path of undergrad and then applying to nursing school? Also are there any classes that you would recommend me taking in order to be more prepared for such an academically tough program? Thanks again for all your help! :)
  7. futurenurse168

    HS student in need of advice!

    Hi all! I am currently a high school student and will be submitting my college applications somewhat soon. I am supposed to be compiling a list of colleges that I am interested in but I am really struggling to figure out my career direction, and therefore, cannot figure out which colleges to apply to. Here's my situation: Originally I thought I wanted to become an RN, but then thought that maybe I would want to become a PA. Now, I am back to thinking I want to become an RN or NP. After doing some research, I think I would prefer to apply to direct admit nursing programs (accepted into the nursing program from HS, complete degree in less time, and don't need to reapply to nursing school after undergrad). Does anyone have experience attending a direct admit program and have any pros/cons, or know of any great direct admit programs for nursing? With that said, I am also considering becoming a nurse practitioner. Are there any programs where you can become an NP from high school, meaning you don't have to become an RN, then work as an RN, and then apply to a masters program? I found that University of San Francisco has a program where you work towards getting your BSN right after high school and then can apply to work towards your masters degree starting Junior year of college. Then, you graduate with both a BSN and NP degree. Finally, are there any huge pros/cons to working as a Nurse Practitioner? Does anyone have experience working as a NP and can tell me what kind of things you do in a typical day? Any advice, opinions, or information that you can give would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for all of the questions, but I am feeling pretty lost and overwhelmed! Thank you!!