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  1. RN2bJae

    NICU Nurse Resources

    Awesome. When I graduate next year I'll defiantly be on the look out. Thanks
  2. RN2bJae

    NICU Nurse Resources

    Yes to go off of this I agree. I’m also from NY and I dream of working in the NICU but there are no programs that allow new grads. What state do you live in because it seems as if I’m going to need to move?
  3. RN2bJae

    SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    Did you apply for the program already? I know when I applied I had to apply for acceptance into the school again and for the program. The application for the program is posted on the nursing website. I know that it’s only open from October to I believe the beginning of December and then it gets taken down until it’s October again. For me the only reason that I knew I was accepted into the school and program was from the email she sent out. I had just received my acceptance letter for the program yesterday ( way after the December 6th deadline). Apparently there was an address issue. Luckily for me per her email I knew about the deposit deadline in which I paid on time. But per your question you apply for the actual program directly on the second degree nursing program main page. They have it posted for you to apply but as I mentioned it’s typically only open from October- December.
  4. RN2bJae

    SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    I really haven’t had any problems with their WiFi when I went to school there that I can recall. I also was a comm major so I never had a reason to go to their nursing department so I have no idea about that. However in general the classrooms are a good size. Some rooms were a little clustered but for the most part everyone wasn’t “on top” of one another. I only know how some of their rooms look from the website. In hindsight I wish I would have looked but then again I wasn’t really interested back than about nursing.
  5. RN2bJae

    Please help 😩

    It definitely can be done as I did the same thing. Granted those were the only classes I took last semester in which it definitely got challenging. I also worked a full time job but towards the end I had to definitely take time off. I lucked out because unlike A&P 1 and chemistry I took the semester before, A&P 2 and microbiology Exams were after each other oppose to the same exact week. This helped a lot as I could just really focus on one class at a time for the exam. In comparison I definitely put in 30x more of my attention into A&P 2 then microbiology as it was a lot more work. Microbiology wasn’t too hard it just wasn’t interesting too me at all so it was more tedious than anything. I would say that I would study for a microbiology exam the night before maybe 2 nights before, and study for weeks for a A&P 2 exam plus models and labs. expect to loose some sleep and have only a work and school or just school life. But It definitely can be done. I earned an A+ in A&P2 and a A in microbiology.
  6. RN2bJae

    SUNY Brockport ABSN 2020

    Sorry I took so long to respond but yes as aconnollyrn said, in which by the way congratulations on your acceptance, I haven’t heard anything “major” about their nursing program. It’s definitely doesn’t get the attention that U of R gets, in which I think is ridiculously expensive for no reason at all, but for the most part I personally haven’t heard anything “bad” about it. However, Brockport within its self is a good school. I actually graduated from Brockport with my Bachelors. I like the atmosphere. Everyone is welcoming and nice and talks to you, in which I can speak from experience doesn’t happen at a lot of different colleges. I don’t live in Brockport, I’m in Rochester so I do commute. I have some friends at MCC that’s currently in their nursing program in which Brockport will use some of those same hospitals for clinicals I’m told, but not certain. The feedback I heard was positive as their preceptors are nice and caring. I haven’t heard any horror stories yet so that’s good. As far as jobs I know that Rochester general offers a lot of new grad jobs however, the speciality I want I know they don’t offer to new grads so I don’t plan on staying. Are you guys local, do y’all live far?
  7. RN2bJae

    Nicu residencies

    Hello, I’m about to start nursing school in a couple of months and I already know that I want to work in the Nicu. I currently live in upstate NY and none of the hospitals accept new grads into the nicu up here and I want to go straight into my specialty. Once I graduate I plan on moving to wherever I get accepted into a nicu new grad residency. I was wondering if anyone has any hospitals/states that accept new grads into the nicu? Im okay with moving anywhere especially down south like Florida, Atlanta or Texas. However I don’t know that much about the different hospitals down there so any insight is nice. Thanks
  8. RN2bJae

    They don’t tell you

    If you don't mind me asking what hospital hired you as a new grad into the NICU? I've been searching and only come across different jobs that want experience in the NICU. I know its possible but im just not having any luck.
  9. Does Brockport require letters of recommendation for acceptance?

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