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  1. I graduated 2 years ago, I was a second degree student. My GPA was 3.2 undergrad and 3.4 for prereqs. The school was ok, it was a bit disorganized but I know that the Administration has changed since I left. Nursing school is challenging, but as long as you stay organized and positive, you'll do great. Good luck to you.
  2. RNinNYC

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    NYP Hourly - $46.07 night differential $3.07 It comes out to roughly 90K yearly
  3. I think you have a good chance of getting into a school. It's good to have a reach school, a fall back and maybe one or two in between. Applying early is key! I applied to downstate and college of mount st vincent. I was accepted to CMSV, but ended up missing the cutoff for downstate because they filled their spots early. Good luck!!
  4. RNinNYC

    How did you become a CDE?

    I'm currently in the (very long) process of being a CDE. I would find an educator, and shadow them, pick up some pointers and document on the teaching you do with patients. We need a total of 1000 hours doing DSME (diabetes self management education) with up to 400 hours accrued within the most recent year preceding the application for CDE. In terms of documenting hours; I've been keeping a simple spreadsheet that states the date, amount of time spent and topics covered. Joining the AADE is also a good idea because it'll connect you with groups/meetings in your area with other professionals who are either CDE's or working towards being certified.
  5. RNinNYC

    Do you ever hold Lantus?

    Lantus should not be held. It is used to cover the glucose produced by the liver, which is an ongoing occurrence.
  6. RNinNYC

    Should I Take the job?

    I should clarify about what I mean when I say "travel RN." I would be making visits to different locations within the 5 boros. Most days it would be between queens and the bronx.
  7. RNinNYC

    Should I Take the job?

    I have been going on many interviews for many types of positions as a new grad RN. I've been pretty lucky to be going and meeting with so many people, so I don't want to take anything for granted. I was offered a position as a traveling RN for a non profit. It isn't my top choice because I am also waiting to hear from a number of other opportunities (who I've followed up with), including a hospital, a clinic and another non profit traveling RN. My question - should I take the job and keep looking/waiting to hear back from the other places? Thanks for the advice!!!