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  1. owen1234

    College try in travel Cath lab

    Hello, I am a Cath lab nurse of 3.5 years with a background experience in the cvicu and CVOR. I’ve worked in two different Cath labs: one of them being a EP, Cath, and IR without neuro lab; while the current lab is strictly cardiac caths and peds. I was planning on traveling internationally in October but thanks to covid, it’s no longer happening. My current full time job will not allow me to cancel my vacation of 2.5 weeks. I have gotten too involved in politics and I’m starting to hate my current job. Would it be crazy to do a Cath lab assignment near by during those two weeks to see if I can make it as a travel Cath lab nurse? If I travel and it goes well, I’ll put in my notice in my other job. If the travel gig blows up in my face, I can just finish my vacation and continue working as if nothing happened. thoughts? Thank you for your input!!
  2. owen1234

    Is it time for me to give up Nursing?

    You should continue. I've known people that got kicked out of a nursing program and went to another program and passed their nclex. It doesn't matter what program, as long as you can pass your nclex. That also means gpa. It doesn't matter what your gpa is. My gpa was like 2.2 and I'm a Cath Lab nurse and was with the open heart team in surgery. Book nursing is different. Jobs don't look for gpa. They look if you can answer their scenario questions during the interview. If you fail out of your program and wanna be a nurse, you'll just have to make sure you have the will power to keep trying. If there's a will, there's a way.
  3. owen1234

    Cath Lab

    I've been a nurse for 2.5 years now. Some in the operating room with the open heart team and a year in the Cardiac Cath Lab. The transition from the operating room to the Cath Lab was such a hard feat but I got through and learned a lot. I'm off orientation and I'm taking call independtly. I can't emphisize how proud I am for surviving this transformation. I never knew what I was walking into and how prestigious just being a Cath Lab nurse it with all the autonomy and working with the critical care situations. Anyways, I'm taking call 15 days a month and I feel like I'm living to work instead of working to live. I'm actually on call as I write this haha. I wanna finish another year of Cath Lab before I leave for I have my two years experience as a back up. I can always travel after my two years. However, do you think two years is enough to travel? Is There A better Cath Lab without that much call and not getting called in? I also dont know what kind of nursing I want to do after Cath Lab. I am so done with call from the operating room and Cath Lab. I'm ready for a job for when I go home, I don't have to worry about work. I can't imagine myself being a floor nurse with call lights and doing busy work. I'm also already going back for my masters in nursing for informatics. I thought it would be a great idea to at least get my masters (a personal goal of mine) to get a foot in a career where my future older almost ready to retire self won't have to lift patients, do Chest compressions, and take a lot of call. I'm not sure if I'll enjoy informatics but I still wanna be involved with some patient care to keep my skills up. I'm just a young nurse in a funk and don't know how I should feel or what to do. What kind of nursing is my niche? Am I wasting my time and money with my masters? Should I stick with Cath Lab and travel? Go back to the operating room where no nursing skills is needed? Should I try ED or ICU where I might wanna shoot myself from dealing with all the bull a patient has to offer?
  4. owen1234

    OR nurse to floor

    So as an update, I got a new job! I got a job in the cardiac cath lab. Really scared and I'm hoping for the best. I applied to probably a total of 20 general and ICU floors and barely heard from any of them. I got an ICU and a cath lab interview. I'm taking this opportunity of working in the cath lab as a huge god send because I think it'll make me more marketable in the future for any floor I apply to if I decide to change jobs again. I hope this job sticks for at least 5 years!!
  5. owen1234

    OR nurse to floor

    Thank you for taking the time for your response! I really appreciate it. I especially enjoy your last sentence as well. I will for sure use that as a motivation in my next job!
  6. owen1234

    OR nurse to floor

    Hello, I've been an OR RN since right out of nursing school. I thought it was my dream job, but turns out I dread work everyday. I've been a nurse in the operating room for a little over 1.5 years. Things got a little boring and I needed something to push me, so I joined the Open Heart Team. It's an extremely valuable experience to have and usually every OR would go crazy for you to join their team easily. I'm tired of all the call because it's like being on house arrest for so little pay, I'm sick of doing the same stuff everyday, I no longer wanna be a secretary for the surgeons, I don't wanna just count items or open packages, also tired of a lack of interaction of patients. Also, I joined this new facility and their open heart team in hopes of renewing my love for the OR. The new job hasn't done that and I've been in the facility for 3 months now. I think i'm just burned out of the OR. I really want more patient interaction. I want to work WITH the patients, not on them. It just looks bad leaving a new facility after 3 months. I would love to work on an ortho floor or any med-surg floor to be honest.I don't have any floor or CNA experience so I feel like I'm basically fighting with new grads for a position. Do you think it's possible for me to find another job outside of the OR with only OR experience and having this new job of 3 months on my resume?