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Boomer MS, RN has 17 years experience and specializes in Med Surg/ICU/Psych/Emergency/CEN/retired.

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  1. Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    I clicked on AN today and read this news about Esme. I did not know she was so ill. Her loving daughter's tribute made me teary. There are some fine moderators here, but she was my favorite. So scholarly, experienced, a wealth of information, the voi...
  2. RN in Medical School -Should I keep this to myself?

    I feel it would depend on how you treat the nurses and relate to them. In my opinion, that could make all the difference. If the nurses are treated with respect, it could be a win-win. Having been a nurse, you may have a bit of an advantage. Remember...
  3. right med, right dose, wrong route... ouchhhh

    Yea! Love those ER docs, my favorite, for sure. And he's made it almost through the four years!! On to residency and new adventures. :-)) I am retired and miss nursing but am resigned to it. Our home burned to the ground in the 2017 CA Tubbs fire, al...
  4. right med, right dose, wrong route... ouchhhh

    Pixie, So wise and empathetic. You are an inspiration for many reasons. (Having a baby later in life, one of many.) How is your husband doing in medical school?
  5. Intern/Doctor’s wife/husband

    I suppose that would depend on the individuals. My husband and I worked together when he was an intern and I was a new grad, again when he was a resident, a Fellow and also when he was an attending. Never a problem for us...easy peasy. Often in an ...
  6. Out of State MEPN vs In-State ABSN

    Unlike times past, the CA BRN now is almost impossible to deal with or get a response. So I do not know how to inquire on its website. I've been told that calling rarely renders a live person answering. I did have an issue recently because my finger ...
  7. Out of State MEPN vs In-State ABSN

    I do not think CA cares where you went to school as long as the school meets CA's requirements for licensure.For example, NYU's ABSN program is accepted by CA. In the dark ages, when I went to school, it seems all schools met CA's requirements. Now t...
  8. Out of State MEPN vs In-State ABSN

    Ok. I think I know what you are referring to, perhaps a CNL (Clinical Nurse Leadership) MEPN program. If this is accurate, the CNL programs, in my opinion, are a waste of time and money. A CNL graduate (with no specialty) with a masters in nursing is...
  9. Out of State MEPN vs In-State ABSN

    I don't know what your life experience is, so I will comment on assuming you are young or youngish. I am neither. I do live in and am licensed in CA. I am of the opinion that one should get a BSN and work a while before moving on to an Advanced Pract...
  10. CEN

    I did the ENA online review a long time ago, as well as using some books with lots of practice questions. Jeff Solheim is terrific. Although I am not familiar with his prep course, I am pretty sure it would be excellent, from what I know about him. I...
  11. And perhaps it's not just the correction of the pronunciation but how it is delivered.
  12. Can NP work in dermatology?

    Yes, it is very possible. The dermatology practice where I go I see an NP who received her MS and NP graduate education at the U of Washington. She also has another certification that denotes further study in dermatology.
  13. Nurses who are on anxiety/depression meds?

    Oh...good to hear you're doing Ok and admire you for sharing that you are taking care of yourself. My very best wishes to you. :)
  14. Quote from WestCoastSun: My hope is that it will help us, as a profession, to tackle some of the issues we're talking about in this thread as well. I have said this before here, but why does every other profession except nursing require an advanced ...
  15. Me too!