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  1. I think this new generation of nurses (including myself) value mental health. I do not feel any remorse. Your employer can easily replace you if you dropped dead today. Take care of yourself and your families!
  2. Newishnurse1995

    Leaving Work / Nurse Duties Incomplete Passing To Night Shift

    🤷🏾‍♀️ That’s how I do things. I would feel absolutely terrible for leaving certain things that I couldn’t get to the next shift (starting a foley, giving blood, etc). If I had a bad night, most things were ordered an hour or two ago. I refuse to do anything that was ordered within 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the next shift.
  3. Newishnurse1995

    Leaving Work / Nurse Duties Incomplete Passing To Night Shift

    I usually stayed to clean up any of my messes (so that day shift acknowledged I wasn’t just trying to get over on them. My shift ended at 7:30 and sometimes I would stay until 8-8:30). Anything I couldn’t complete I would hand off and they usually understood. However, I expected the same courtesy. Don’t just run out the door before attempting to complete certain tasks. Especially ones we couldn’t complete at night. Some nights we would each get 3-4 new patient admissions. Day shift hardly got admissions, and if they did, they wouldn’t arrive until after 7pm.
  4. I’ve been a nurse since 2018. Started off in Medsurg, but always knew I wanted to do L&D, PP, or Peds. I picked up a job as a homecare pediatrics nurse (to gain some kind of experience) while simultaneously working as a medsurg nurse in March of 2020. I quit my medsurg job last Summer and decided to fully focus on obtaining a job in L&D or postpartum. I have a lot of experience working with children (Daycare teacher’s assistant, CNA on a peds floor), but no L&D experience. Since I quit medsurg, I’ve had interviews for L&D, but no luck in securing a position due to my lack of experience in L&D. Most of the time, I pass the HR interview, but my application is immediately rejected after it’s sent to the manager. I’ve only interviewed with a unit manager once. I came across a new graduate/residency position in a neighboring state. I’ve applied to other residencies in the past, but have been disqualified due to my experience as a nurse (most want new grads or nurses with 12 months or less if nursing experience). I’m really tempted to just omit some of my nursing experience in order to qualify. Part of me thinks it’s not ethical, but the other part of me doesn’t care. What do you think I should do?
  5. Newishnurse1995

    What is up with the level of entitlement?

    I’ve seen the opposite at certain times. Older nurses complaining about an assignment that I had to deal with for 12+ hours with limited staff. Or older nurses refusing to be charge and forcing newer nurses with less than a year experience to take over. I also had the pleasure of working with older nurses who I absolutely adored. I realized I shouldn’t make judgements about an entire generation based on my experiences. I will say younger nurses do not tolerate bullying or BS anymore and are more likely to quit or speak up against unsafe practices. We like “self care,” and will not work tirelessly for a job that can easily replace us.
  6. Newishnurse1995

    Should I quit my program?

    Girl I still accidentally miss the urethra and go into the vagina and I've been a nurse for two years. It happens. So what. Nursing instructors can be supportive or absolutely horrible. No in between. I quit my first program because of it and at the time I regretted it. Applied for another program two years later and met a some horrible clinical instructors as well. They don’t go away. It’s unfortunately the culture of nursing school. I had one instructor who did an end of the semester evaluation of me that lasted one hour even though she never saw me do anything. She didn’t know me as a person or what I was capable of so please don’t let the opinions of others get to you if they don’t truly know your character. I would seek therapy for your anxiety. Nursing can be cut throat at times and you often can’t wear your heart on your sleeve. I’m the same way and had trouble with the same thing.
  7. Newishnurse1995

    New Grad RN hired as an “RN Supervisor” at a SNF

    I agree with everyone else, however maybe you should wait a little bit. At least it’s something you can put on your resume for future jobs. Give it 6 months.
  8. Newishnurse1995

    Mother-baby nursing VS pediatric nursing

    I’ve been having a hard time getting into L&D and PP as a med surg nurse. I would do PP and ask them to train you in L&D as well
  9. Newishnurse1995

    Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    There’s a difference between a progressive care patient and a tele patient. Not all tele patients are critical. May have A-fib, A-flutter, heart block etc. Like always, if something happens just call the doctor or call a rapid response if the patients condition deteriorates. If you need a refresher in rhythms, take an online class or watch Youtube. I read my old nursing books at times to refresh my memory if I’m unsure about something. You got it!
  10. Newishnurse1995

    Help! Why is switching specialties so difficult?

    Having the same problem. I worked on a med surg floor for two years and picked up a job in pediatrics homecare on the side. I thought it would look better on my resume when applying for L&D/pediatric jobs but no luck. It’s so frustrating. I think it’s about who you know.
  11. Newishnurse1995

    Is it wrong to stay in med-surg?

    If you like it, why would you ever think of leaving? I lasted in medsurg for two years, but could t handle it for various reasons. Handling 6 patients with frequent admissions at night is tough. Pat yourself on the back. Medsurg nurses are not the scum of the earth.
  12. Newishnurse1995

    Help. My clinical group dislikes me.

    You will hopefully get a new clinical group next semester. Please don’t waste your time thinking about them. Don’t attend the study groups anymore. Don’t hang out with them after school anymore. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Focus on your studies. Continue to be polite when you do see them. Hold onto your dignity though. Like another user said, you won’t even remember their names in 5 years.
  13. Newishnurse1995

    What are they teaching?

    You’ll be okay. You’ll know what you need to document. For instance if you have a patient who has Q4 neuro checks, NIH screenings, or had a blood transfusion, you’ll know where to document and what to document. Just comes with practice. I also always write a note when I spoke to a doctor, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, lab etc. Anything that really requires an intervention or new order. Don’t worry about that. Just do the best you can do. I have spent many days staying after a shift to finish up my documentation.
  14. These are small incidences. Don’t be discouraged. at the end of my shifts... I always ask myself... did any of my patients die? Did I do the best that I could do with the given situation? Don’t worry about it. My manager always picked on new grads too for minor mistakes.
  15. Newishnurse1995

    Patients in Med Surg Needing 1:1

    Document document document. It’s hard. Only thing that gets me through my shifts are my coworkers.
  16. Newishnurse1995

    12-Hour Shift | Life of a Nurse

    My night last week, Receive an admission from the previous shift. His temp is 101 and he is projectile vomiting. He’s diaphoretic. Take his vitals again. Ice packs everywhere. Tylenol isn’t even ordered. Couldn’t give it to him anyway because he’s nauseous. Call service. Doctor puts in order for Tylenol without talking to me. Call again. Ask for nausea medication and something IV for his fever. Ultrasound calls me. Same patient had abdominal ultrasound ordered. It’s 2000. No transport. Everyone is busy besides my tech. Wheel patient down with me and my tech. Meanwhile other patients IV is infiltrated. Still not good at IVs so I attempt once and ask someone else. Same patient needs to use the bathroom. He has a prosthetic leg, walker, and boot due to an injury. Try to talk to patient into using a commode. Patient refuses. Walk with patient to bathroom. Uh oh ultrasound is calling and they want you to pick up your patient. Everyone is busy including your tech. I stay with the patient using the bathroom because he’s a high fall risk. Walk with patient back to bed and they fall along the way. Have to do a fall precautions bundle. Call the doctor vitals etc. ultrasound calls again telling me to pick up patient. Recheck temp and it is still high. It’s 2100 and I haven’t seen my other patients. Overload with wet cloths. Doctor puts in more orders which I have to carry out. Patients vitals indicates sepsis. Draw lactate and CBC. They come back negative. Told to monitor patient. Finally give meds to my other patients 3 hours late. Need to draw H&H and type and screen for a patient because his hgb was trending low. Also need IV access because IV expired. PATIENT REFUSED. He’s AAox3. Stated he didn’t want to be poked anymore and wanted to die. Tried to talk patient down because I knew he was stressed. Had resident come talk to him. Patient still refused. Told to just document. 0500 patient finally agrees and lab was ordered for 0000. He doesn’t want to die. He’s just not happy about his situation. Put in new IV and drew labs from the IV. At 0600. Lab calls and tells me I used the wrong tube for the type and screen. I smack myself. It’s 0630 and I haven’t had a chance to take a break or sit down. I’m tired. I’m worn down. I redraw the type and screen. Results do not come back until change of shift. I tell them what happened that night. I don’t think they believe me. I can tell they are mad that they have to give blood at change of shift. I volunteer to stay for the first 15 mins of the blood transfusion to document vitals. I leave at 0830 and my shift ends at 0730. I’m in a haze. I don’t know what happened. I look online for a new job 😂