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  1. Newishnurse1995

    Patients in Med Surg Needing 1:1

    Document document document. It’s hard. Only thing that gets me through my shifts are my coworkers.
  2. Newishnurse1995

    12-Hour Shift | Life of a Nurse

    My night last week, Receive an admission from the previous shift. His temp is 101 and he is projectile vomiting. He’s diaphoretic. Take his vitals again. Ice packs everywhere. Tylenol isn’t even ordered. Couldn’t give it to him anyway because he’s nauseous. Call service. Doctor puts in order for Tylenol without talking to me. Call again. Ask for nausea medication and something IV for his fever. Ultrasound calls me. Same patient had abdominal ultrasound ordered. It’s 2000. No transport. Everyone is busy besides my tech. Wheel patient down with me and my tech. Meanwhile other patients IV is infiltrated. Still not good at IVs so I attempt once and ask someone else. Same patient needs to use the bathroom. He has a prosthetic leg, walker, and boot due to an injury. Try to talk to patient into using a commode. Patient refuses. Walk with patient to bathroom. Uh oh ultrasound is calling and they want you to pick up your patient. Everyone is busy including your tech. I stay with the patient using the bathroom because he’s a high fall risk. Walk with patient back to bed and they fall along the way. Have to do a fall precautions bundle. Call the doctor vitals etc. ultrasound calls again telling me to pick up patient. Recheck temp and it is still high. It’s 2100 and I haven’t seen my other patients. Overload with wet cloths. Doctor puts in more orders which I have to carry out. Patients vitals indicates sepsis. Draw lactate and CBC. They come back negative. Told to monitor patient. Finally give meds to my other patients 3 hours late. Need to draw H&H and type and screen for a patient because his hgb was trending low. Also need IV access because IV expired. PATIENT REFUSED. He’s AAox3. Stated he didn’t want to be poked anymore and wanted to die. Tried to talk patient down because I knew he was stressed. Had resident come talk to him. Patient still refused. Told to just document. 0500 patient finally agrees and lab was ordered for 0000. He doesn’t want to die. He’s just not happy about his situation. Put in new IV and drew labs from the IV. At 0600. Lab calls and tells me I used the wrong tube for the type and screen. I smack myself. It’s 0630 and I haven’t had a chance to take a break or sit down. I’m tired. I’m worn down. I redraw the type and screen. Results do not come back until change of shift. I tell them what happened that night. I don’t think they believe me. I can tell they are mad that they have to give blood at change of shift. I volunteer to stay for the first 15 mins of the blood transfusion to document vitals. I leave at 0830 and my shift ends at 0730. I’m in a haze. I don’t know what happened. I look online for a new job
  3. I get this all of the time. I tell them, “If I were actually that age I certainly wouldn’t be working here.” Then dazzle them with your nursing knowledge.
  4. Newishnurse1995

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    “Hey charge, I think another bed is about to be open!”
  5. Newishnurse1995

    Discouraged New Grad

    Your classmate will have trouble too. Nothing prepares you for the floor. NOTHING. Don’t be discouraged. You’ll find something, and when you do, work hard at it.
  6. Newishnurse1995

    CHOP New Grad RN Talent Pool 2019

    I applied to this position last year, and was in the same situation. I interviewed in June. Didn’t hear anything back the whole summer until September. Thankfully, I already had a job somewhere else. They take a while for placement. They pay their new nurses very low as well, so might as well have a back up plan.
  7. Newishnurse1995

    New student advice?

    I was actually a student in that program. Definitely a tough program, and it kicked my butt. They will have an orientation in August and they will explain everything and what is expected of you. If you have medical issues that prevents you to not participate in clinical they may have to kick you out. They require you to get a physical exam if you are accepted into the program. They require you to be immune to Hep B and its three series so you might want to get your titer for that now. A lot of chemistry is involved in nursing. Pay attention to anatomy and physiology too. Yes, you have to wear scrubs to clinicals with the school logo. They will go over your uniform expectations during orientation so don't worry. I bought only one textbook for the first semester and two for the second. I also had to buy a stethoscope, penlight, sphygomomanometer (blood pressure cuff), badge, shoes, and the uniform, and that cost roughly $600. We didn't have homework that was graded. They told us to read certain chapters and complete assignments and bring it to class. It was more to reinforce learning. The only thing they graded were tests. They required all black shoes for clinicals. When you get home take of your scrubs and take a shower lol. And no they wont place you in dangerous situations. They are liable. DONT QUIT! I DID AND I REGRET IT. It will get hard. You will cry. But it is worth it. Don't slack off or get comfortable. I aced the first two tests with flying colors, and then I got lazy. When I saw the bad grades I lost all motivation and here I am now trying to get into another program. I really want to cry because I could have been a nurse at 21. Good luck! (They also have nursing books in the library. Look at them now if you want.)

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