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  1. My girlfriend has a step daughter who had to have a trach due to structural deterioration and closing up. After a month or two, she had a T-tube put in and she went back to work in a nursing home as a charge nurse. We don't understand how she can do...
  2. Closing the Chapter on SNFs

  3. Don't be afraid to go for it. You know how to do your job and what not to do. You will be an asset to any other facility. Emphasize your attention to detail and your desire to increase your experiences and knowledge in a quality facility. Nurses li...
  4. would you take a job with a mean doctor?

    A mean doctor is as bad as a mean charge nurse. It quickly turns into a toxic work environment that you don't want to go to every day. The stress and tension created is not worth your emotional or professional health. Life is too short and no one ...
  5. Overweight Healthcare Workers

    This would be incredible to have it happen. One place I worked closed the cafeteria and night shift got stuck with bring your own or eat questionable items out of vending machines. No salads or fresh fruits or veggies. And as for work/life balance,...
  6. When your ex or their mistress/lover is the patient?

  7. Where are all the "older" nurses?

    They burn out or get injured from consistently working short and find something else to do within the nursing field besides direct care or they quit and do something else. That has been my experience with nurses I know. And I know a lot of them fro...
  8. How do you feel about having other nurses as patients?

    I would have gone to someone to put a stop to this behavior immediately. He was a parent and did not have the rights to what he was doing. He was way out of line.
  9. Are You Really a Nurse?

    I worked with an LPN who turned out to have never taken any state boards and she worked for a year! Two years later, her sister who claimed to be a BSN was also found not to have even finished the BSN program and also did not have a license. And sh...
  10. Absolutely. There are nursing schools nationwide that won't even let students take nursing classes until they have a years experience as a CNA. I've seen the difference it makes where this is required. It is very positive. Much better understandi...
  11. Nurses smoking weed?

    Medical marijuana has no THC and thus no high. Relieves pain without any impairment. Better than narcotics! Safer to work under. Should not be a problem as long as you have prescription and your state approved medical marijuana use. Comes in a c...
  12. Isolation - yes/no

    I believe your patient satisfies all the criteria outlined in the RAI. Code for isolation. I have done this and never had a problem. Any place I have ever worked required more than just gloves for someone with C-diff. That is a totally contact is...
  13. I'm a Man, Can I be Successful as An OB Nurse

    I could care less what sex the person is providing my care. One of the best nurses I ever had take care of me in the hospital was a male nurse who had to put in a foley and give me a shot in rear. He was very good at his job and no different to me ...
  14. I'm a Man, Can I be Successful as An OB Nurse

    Many men are successful OB docs so why can't a man be a successful OB nurse?