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  1. AminaRN2b

    BCCC Nursing Fall 2015

    Is anyone applying for Fall 2017 or did the deadline pass already.
  2. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College fall 2017

    I applied for the Fall 2017 semester. Have you received your acceptance letter yet and where do you live.
  3. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Fall 2017 Hopefuls??

    Did you get a acceptance letter yet?
  4. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College

    Anybody got their full schedule for Spring 2017?
  5. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College

    Nurse 111 in my schedule says 8AM. Thanks for letting me know. Happy new years all and best of luck in this semester. :)
  6. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College

    I am in for Nurs 111. What time does it start? And is it only lab or lab and lecture. I am a bit confuse.
  7. AminaRN2b

    UMSON fall 2016 hopefuls ?

    Hi guys, I am thinking of applying for to this school as a back up. Do you think its worth it. it looks like the admission process is stressful and time consuming. And did you guys get accepted. This thread was so long. LOL
  8. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College

    Now I am really getting nervous? Where is my letter? What do you guys recommend I do. I want to know if i got accepted or not. My teas were good and I had clean background check.
  9. AminaRN2b

    Took the NCLEX today

    Hope you passed. Best of luck.
  10. I am looking for ADN programs that are starting in winter or Summer of 2017. I live in Virginia and I am looking for good ADN programs in the area. I have applied for Germana Community College and still waiting to find out if I got accepted or not. My goal is to take the NCLEX and pass it on the first try. I have received job offers but refuse it because I want to get my ADN and focus on school.
  11. AminaRN2b

    Chamberlain College (Arlington)

    I took a tour at chamberlian and spoke to the addmission office before and honesty they are just money hungry. I would suggest you look at NOVA or other schools like Marymount Howard anyt of those schools Chamberlain is way too expensive and honesty i find them to be frauds.
  12. AminaRN2b

    2014 Acceptance @Germanna

    I am so nervous but yet trying to stay calm? Did you get a email from them?
  13. AminaRN2b

    2014 Acceptance @Germanna

    Congrats where do you live are you close to the school. I live further down like 30 to a hour away.
  14. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College

    I haven't received a letter or a email not yet. I think they haven't send it to all students yet. Try to be postive.
  15. AminaRN2b

    Germanna Community College

    I applied for the Spring 2017. Application deadline was NOV 1 and now i am just waiting for to know if i got accepted or not? THe waiting part is the hardest. Has anyone applied for Spring 2017 and did you get your letters yet.