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nagem_ has 1 years experience.

Currently in an accelerated RN/BSN program. Grad - 08/2017. Working as a PCA & scrub tech on an L&D unit. Trained labor doula. Volunteer as a hospital and legal advocate at a women's crisis center.

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  1. Benefits of becoming a CNA before Nursing School??

    Yes! I was going to say - I've known several folks in nursing school who got jobs as CNAs, etc and once they got their foot in the door it was like "woah, this isn't what I thought it was going to be". A PCA at my hospital actually recently quit her ...
  2. Cna medsurg floor advice

    Hi there! First of all CONGRATULATIONS! It sounds like you did a great job landing this position! My first CNA job was at a major local hospital, med/surg floor. I'm sure it depends on the particular hospital, but we were busy! Almost always full, a...
  3. Getting into L & D

    Are you able to transfer within your own hospital? Sometimes it's easiest to move around where you already work. Otherwise work your connections .. get on LinkedIn or track people down on Facebook, etc to see if you know anyone with L&D connectio...
  4. So grateful, and excited

    Congrats! And good luck! I'm also a trained doula, in an accelerated nursing program. And I recently accepted a position as a PCA // scrub tech on an L&D floor. Follow your dreams and work hard, and the doors will just keep opening!
  5. help re: debt panic

    I'm sorry if I came off as feeling "cool" but I literally said repeatedly that this keeps me up at night. I'm well aware of the amount of debt I'm in and know exactly where I stand financially. I'm looking for advice, not to be patronized.
  6. help re: debt panic

    So 2012 I graduated with my BA in Speech Pathology, got into grad school, but decided that WASN'T what I wanted to do. Spent two years "finding myself" and not paying back any of my debt. Mistake? Probably, but it was pretty cool. Anyway, last year ...
  7. L&D CNA position

    Hello! I'm currently in nursing school and have been working as a PCA/CNA on a med/surg unit. It's been wonderful experience, but I plan to pursue a career as a CNM and am always looking for L&D or postpartum experience. Well! I've finally been c...