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  1. Gille

    Anyone got accepted to Coto/Malvern's LPN program?

    yea i am doing the lpn to rn at coto..don't wanna say which semester just in case they read this ( im paranoid)... one thing i did hear is that they are changing deans..i don't know how that will change things..but the new one is awesome..before she did all the clinical site stuff and some other things
  2. Gille

    Pearson Vue Trick Feb 2016

    i took it yesterday at 1 pm and its 11 am the next day and i keep getting the good pop up..is this a good sign or does the trick only work like a day later or can it be used the 1st 24 hours after the test?
  3. Gille

    Pearsonvue trick 2016

    hmm does this trick still work? i took it yesterday at 1 pm and it's 11 am the next day..and it keeps giving me the goop pop up, any ideas?
  4. Gille

    Anyone got accepted to Coto/Malvern's LPN program?

    I literally just graduated from the LPN school at coto last friday...ask away whatever you want edit: ill just post some random stuff about the school to start out.. -the dean is a horrible teacher but is awesome at everything else..she will really work with you..she teaches just once a semester one time..so it isn't that big a deal - our first semester was wednesday and clinical stuff thurs and friday - 2nd semster for us was hell, it was summer and was like 9 weeks.. 2 days class, 3 days clinical...so much information - 3rd was a breeze compared to summer... it was wednesday class and thursday and friday clinical -classes were not that hard..just read the textbook and do questions - most of the teachers were good, you have one meh one..but she rarely taught