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  1. Kdeeds16

    UCLA Summer 2016 RN New Grad Residency Program

    I received an email for an interview for Med ICU this morning! But I have accepted a position at a different facility so I need to turn this down. I hope it gets to one of you guys, good luck everyone! UCLA is an amazing place.
  2. Kdeeds16

    Duke Nurse Residency 2016! (feb 28th apps)

    Hi ntd16! Congrats on your offer! I'm kinda looking for a roommate since I realized my paycheck isn't going to be as big as I thought! I'm looking near the Southpoint area, 10-15 minutes from the hospital, right next to a nice mall... I would love to live in downtown Raleigh but a little unsettled about the drive. it would be 30-35minutes at the place I've strongly considered. Let me know! Anyone looking for a roommate let me know! My start date is July 25th and would need to move in July 19 or 20th
  3. Kdeeds16

    Duke Nurse Residency 2016! (feb 28th apps)

    I have accepted a position in the Neuro ICU!!! I start July 25!