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  1. RN-BSN2011

    Sacred heart University MSN

    Thank you very much for you response. It's refreshing to hear you had a wonderful experience and was able to finish the in 18 months. I have got it down to 3 schools: Chamberlaine, SUNY Empire State College, and SHU. My research continues and SHU is a contender.
  2. RN-BSN2011

    Sacred heart University MSN

    Hi Jbudrick MSN, How was your experience with the programa and content at SHU? Did they assign you a mentor as a graduare student nurse educator? I am researching 32 other school ( SUNY empire state school of nursing and Chamberlain). Thanks in advance!
  3. RN-BSN2011

    FNP Graduate from Chamberlain College of Nursing Dec 2015

    Hi ChamberlainFNP 2015, First, thank you for the wealth of information. I am interested in MSN education and probably do a post graduate FNP in the near future. So far, some of my questions have been answered since I reviewed this very informational thread. Does chamberlain have a learning center( where they can review research papers)? Do you know anyone in the MSN education program? If so, how do the like the program? Thank you in advance
  4. RN-BSN2011

    Sacred Heart University - Online MSN Programs

    [h=1]Hi cjcsoon2bnp[/h]Its been a while since I been on AllNurse and this thread is old. I graduated with my BSN in 2011. I have been working as in-patient for 5 years. I have worked in different specialties adult and pediatrics. I am researching Capella, Chamberline, and Sacred Heart University. How was your experience as a student? How was the course work? How is your experience now as Nurse Educator? Thank you in advance. On Best wishes on your journey!
  5. RN-BSN2011

    Best MSN programs?

    Hello, George Washington University has a great Master program, not sure if the Master in Public Health is online. I heard Capella and Chamberline have good MSN online programs. Hope this helps. I am also researching graduate online course for nursing education. Make sure to ask question about accrediation, tuition, start time, and etecra. Best wishes on your journey.
  6. RN-BSN2011

    Capella RN to MSN

    Hi BenjaminsMom How is school going for you so far? I am also interested in obtaining my MSN in Nursing Education. However, I've been researching schools such as Chamberline, Capella, and Sacred Heart University. I have some time before I make my official decision. Knowing your experience will help. Take you and Thank you!
  7. RN-BSN2011

    How can an experienced RN in NYC change specialties

    My advice is get your ACLS and NRP. I hope you were able to get a NICU or PICU gig.
  8. RN-BSN2011

    NICU nursing vs postpartum

    I am currently working NICU level 4. Though I enjoy providing comfort and care to preemies and there families, I am not a NICU nurse. Berthajones, makes sure when you make the transition ask questions such as ( how long is your orientation, patient ratio, your support network etc.) All the best and hope you get your dream job!

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