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  1. Darchangel

    Doctor stole my stethoscope

    I'd go with the engraving but we were always taught NOT to loop it around our necks...
  2. Darchangel

    Amber Does the Unthinkable

    In my humble opinion, she did EXACTLY what was safest for the patients. Continuing on in a flurry is how things fall through the cracks, patients suffer, lawsuits are filed. I applaud her...
  3. Darchangel

    Should I leave this racist town?

    You may not like it but I'm going Devil's Advocate here. Think about it before you get angry and call my comments racist, especially since you don't know what race I am. :) "Confederate flags waving behind a pickup" as far as I'm concerned, that's part of US History and you need to get over it...it's a flag from 200 years ago. By that thinking we should be tearing down Monticello also... The slave driver comment...Not unusual, I use it all the time myself. Strange how things can be made racist by the person claiming that others are racist. C'mon... I think you're a bit thin skinned and are buying into the hype that's currently running through America right now. I'm sorry you're feeling this way but I think you need to rise above and tough it out. Might it be that you came into the "rural area" with a chip on your shoulder?