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  1. Nurse924

    How's the job market '16?

    From my current job and others I've talked to starting is around $26-26.50 most places, for day shift.
  2. Nurse924

    MSN-NP at CU Denver?

    Hi! I have my interview coming up August 19 and was looking for feedback on how yours went!! Any info/help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to see who else out there has applied to and/or completed CU Denver's NP/MSN programs. I have an interview in August for the women's health NP program, and wanted to see who else is going and if anyone who has already been through the program has an tips/advice on the interview process!! :)
  4. Nurse924

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs (FNP)

    Hi everyone- I recently heard back from CU- Denver about the women's health NP program and I have an interview in August. Any body else out there with interviews and/or any feedback from current or past students of the program regarding the interview process for any of the NP programs? Thanks!!
  5. Nurse924

    New Graduate nurse moving to Denver

    Yes, I understand it is best to wait for a job before moving. However, I was hoping to start trying to attempt to shadow on different units and get my resume out there and make connections, and I cannot do this until I am in the area. Otherwise, I feel like submitting applications online just throws my resume into a blackhole, and I'll never hear back from anyone. I have had a few different places say to let them know when I am in Denver, and we can talk further. So... I'm kind of in a bind.
  6. Nurse924

    New Graduate Residency Programs

    I am planning to take it mid-January as well, waiting to receive my ATT
  7. Nurse924

    New Graduate Residency Programs

    Thanks! Do you recommend waiting until you take the NCLEX to apply to anything else, or is it okay to apply to things other than new grad residency programs before taking it?
  8. Nurse924

    New Graduate Residency Programs

    I just heard back from UCH and did not get an interview I'm pretty upset about it, but wish everyone else the best of luck!
  9. Nurse924

    New Graduate Residency Programs

    Awesome! We were looking at an apartment complex in lodo, as well!
  10. Hi everyone- I am a recent graduate nurse from the University of CT moving to Denver in January with my boyfriend. I am looking on advice on where to try applying that is best for new grads- I have been job searching for months but have not had much luck. I have applied to UC Health Residency and I am still waiting to hear back about an interview, but so far that seems to be my only option. I am especially interested in women's health, L&D, postpartum, and the NICU- and I am open to hospital or outpatient/clinic positions, but am open to other options as well! Can anyone else comment on how they got started out there, or any other info they think would help (we are looking around for an apartment complex, etc. as well!) Any info is appreciated :)
  11. Nurse924

    Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

    melissacap91 - how did you feel about pediatrics home health? I'm a new graduate moving to Denver and I want to explore all of my options.
  12. Nurse924

    New Graduate Residency Programs

  13. Nurse924

    New Graduate Residency Programs

    Would I be able to give you my email to talk with you?
  14. Nurse924

    UCONN CEIN 2016

    RNlady45262b- I just finished the program and I felt the same way before I started- I wanted to prepare in any way that I could. I would say do the required reading if you have time, but other than that just relax and prepare to have a busy busy year ahead. It is very difficult and one of the hardest things I have done! However- it is very important to take time for yourself! If you time manage well it is doable. Working a couple shifts a week is doable as well, as long as your job is flexible because schedules change and the program does not allow you to miss things due to work (since they recommend you don't work). I recommend finding a good place to study (the Law library in west hartford is great!), and I also recommend taking time to have fun and hang out with students outside of class- its great having a session to vent over happy hour from time to time, especially with those in your clinical group first semester. Summer semester is definitely more laid back than the first semester in terms of less days of required things (still studying for a test every week). First semester we had required things 4 days a week (Class all day monday, 2 days of all day clinical, and lab in the morning on a 4th day), and the other days were used finishing all the busy work you get first semester (online simulations, etc) and reading/studying. Good luck!
  15. Nurse924

    UCONN CEIN 2016

    People definitely worked during the program. I would say if you have a flexible job then it is doable, as some weeks you will have more time than others. Summer was the most time, in my opinion, and so a job during the summer semester would be doable. I just babysat for a couple different families and it worked fine with my schedule.