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  1. qrkid

    Portland Job Market

    Legacy/Randall Children is a really nice NICU but not sure they will be looking to hire. Lost OHP contract so volume is way down and hours are being cut in NICU/PICU
  2. qrkid

    Hospitals in NC- where should I apply?

    New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC has an open application for their new grad residency. Seem to hire about 90 - 100 new grads every May.
  3. Are there any RN's that have insight into overall morale or job satisfaction differences between St Vince and Legacy Emmanuel? I am looking specifically for people with knowledge of the CVOR but would appreciate any info. I have interviews with both hospitals and just trying to get a feel how nurses feel about each place as opposed to what a HR person will tell me. Thanks.
  4. qrkid

    Hourly Pay

    are you moving to Greenville for a specific reason? That is a big change from Toronto. Oh and the $22 sounds sorta right for a new grad. How much experience do you have?
  5. qrkid

    Living in an RV. Need tax help

    You could even look to rent a room to a fellow travel RN. They could sign a lease and pay you monthly so they can have a tax home. You would get the benefit of the income and still not really have anybody staying in your house.
  6. we have 10 people on our team (6 RN's and 4 CST's) Our manager does the schedule and the call schedule in 4 week blocks. Some RN's scrub and circulate and some just circulate. WE have 3 people on call every day (we use 2 scrubs and a circulator on a case)
  7. Our main OR people have to take 10 - 16hrs per month. I am on the heart team (3 surgeons, 2 rooms) and take anywhere from 30 - 70hrs a week (depends if I am on a weekend or not). Normally 1 full weekend every 3 weeks.
  8. qrkid

    RN moving MD to Wilmington NC

    Good that you are already aware of the pay cut you would take. NC does not lead the way in paying RN's and Southeast NC does not lead the way in NC in paying RN's. Consideration when looking for a house is if you will be within Wilmington city limits? In my opinion, the cost of living here is very high. I come from midtown Atlanta and my cost of living there was cheaper than in Wilmington. Within the city of Wilmington you will have very high property tax and utilities do not come cheap. That is why some people prefer Leland in Brunswick county. Good luck with the relocation.
  9. qrkid

    RN moving MD to Wilmington NC

    Are you dead set on L&D or will you consider other area's? Pretty much just 1 place to work in Wilmington and that is NHRMC. Brunswick (Novant) do have L&D but it is very small hospital and hire way less people. I ask about other specialties because from what I have heard it is not super easy to get in to L&D. I would start applying early and be willing to move if you get a position, NHRMC hire about 100 new grads a year and they start in mid July so I am not sure how active they are in seeking other nurses at that time of year. As for where to live, that is tough. You can ask 4 different people and get 4 different answers. Some will say Leland some will say go completely opposite and go to Hampstead, others want to be at the beach (Carolina or Wrightsville) and others love the older historic feel of downtown. You might consider renting initially ad then finding your way around the city and giving yourself time to check out the various places. If you don't mind me asking. What was it during your visit that attracts you to Wilmington?
  10. qrkid

    Assisting/scrubbing in the OR..

    it can be a concern and not only for instruments. I have had cervical issues which cause my 1 arm to be numb and I sometimes have to stand and hold the heart while he does 2 grafts and all he can say is make yourself smaller. I even resort to using my other hand to hold my arm steady while obviously shrinking my body size to non existant. Something for you to consider about going into the OR. Does your facility have new to the OR RN's scrub? A lot of facilities do not use RN's to scrub so this may not be a concern for you with your plans to get the tendinitis taken care of.
  11. qrkid

    Nursing in Ashville

    New grad pay at Mission in June 2016 was $22.26. They require that you get a BSN within 6yrs of your hire. Don't beileive there is a difference in pay from ADN to BSN.
  12. qrkid

    Question about US Operating Room Nurse Leadership?

    pretty much spot on at my OR in North Carolina
  13. qrkid

    Wilmington Nurses! New Hanover

    I heard back around 25th of Feb for one of my choices. Each dept was at a different time. I know my buddy only heard mid March for ICU and then they interviewed really late.
  14. qrkid

    Wilmington Nurses! New Hanover

    I was offered interviews in all 3 of my choices and was offered a position in my 1st two choices so I withdrew from the 3rd interview. Got job offers from Cardiac as well as the OR. I accepted a position in the OR. From my point of view they have been very supportive of new grads and have given me the time and training to be successful. I have a friend who got a position in the ICU and he also feels they have done a really good job making sure the new grads have the resources and mentors to help them succeed. It has been a positive experience for me and am happy working at NHRMC.
  15. qrkid

    Wilmington Nurses! New Hanover

    If you met the Feb 1 priority deadline with the video interview and application and all is the same as last year you should expect to hear from the departments you put as your top 3 around beginning of March. Generally you will interview with a few managers and then do a peer interview with a few nurses from the floor. Both have set questions they ask you and then basically grade you on a points system. They use behavior based questions so I would strongly recommend that you formulate some scenarios from your previous work experience or even your clinical experience beforehand. This way you can apply your answer to most questions with just a few tweeks that address the specific question. If you have specific questions I might be able to help with feel free to ask. Good Luck with finishing up school and with the job search.
  16. qrkid

    New grad RN wants to be Scrub nurse?

    delete. Just realized this was from 6 years ago

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