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  1. Langara January 2020 intake

    AFAIK, doesn't matter when you apply so long as you get your application in by the deadline. First seats go to all the degree holders. Then the rest of the seats are assigned by GPA.
  2. Nursing Pre-requisite courses

    You should know that most BSN programs don't admit foreign students. Applicants have to be permanent residents or citizens of Canada. If you're able to get permanent resident status here, in BC Thompson Rivers Online BIO 1593+1592/1693+1695 meet th...

    Langara admits solely on GPA. Volunteering will not help you with admissions to Langara. The only thing that gets you to the front of the line at Langara is a previous degree. Langara gives priority admission to degree holders and then picks the r...

    yes what Pcmama says is true. If you get high GPA on your pre-req's you can get in & finished quickly at BCIT or Langara. Langara admits solely on GPA of pre-req's & doesn't assess volunteer hours so get those super high grades and you'll be ...
  5. Langara January 2020 intake

    Congrats to Jan 2020 people! just a tip that if you want to make your life easier you can get a jump start on doing your SPECO courses now
  6. Can I accept more than one offer of admissions for a few weeks?

    wrong thread!
  7. Langara January 2020 intake

    I think it's 72. Then in Term 3, they accept 8 LPNs who want to get their BSN into the cohort. So assuming everyone passes and stays in the program, they graduate 80 students twice a year.
  8. Can I accept more than one offer of admissions for a few weeks?

    All that will happen is you will be out money if the school requires an immediate deposit when you accept your spot. Some of those deposits are non refundable. I think most schools have wait lists and there's always jostling right at the beginning o...
  9. Langara January 2020 intake

    hey, those of you who have prior degrees are, I think, pretty much guaranteed a spot. Last I heard they were still giving priority admission to anyone with a degree. After all the degree holder, the rest of the spots are allocated based on GPA (for t...
  10. BCIT January/April 2019 Intake Discussion

    You could apply to BSN at Langara instead/also? They consider GPA only for admissions & not work experience.
  11. Becoming a CRNA

    You can have more than one bachelor's degree. Many people in BSN programs have prior degrees in a variety of fields. Can't comment on CRNA as I thought we still didn't have this in Canada.
  12. Career Change

    Not many nursing schools are open to international applicants so you'll first have to find one that is. UBC does consider international students but the tuition is $58,652.16 (CAD) per year & it's a 2 year post-bac program. Not sure if you're j...
  13. New Immigrant wants to apply Nursing School

    Hi, ok, I've got your email. you can edit & delete it from the post for your privacy :)
  14. New Immigrant wants to apply Nursing School

    Oh, just realized that as a new member I don't think you can access private messages yet (I think you need to have 15+ posts for it to work). Next time we're both online maybe we can make contact by email and then quickly delete our email from this t...
  15. New Immigrant wants to apply Nursing School

    Charlotte, for Langara, they ONLY consider the grades for the 5 pre-requisites, not your grades from your previous degree. I will try to send you a private message with more info.