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    Is it just me? Or is this the nursing school homework hotline?

    Wow!!!! You go MUD... "Real Nurse" what a grumpy "out of the times" *****!!!! Either get with the times, and accept todays technology, or retire.... it sounds to me like you're way past due!!!! Maybe a little jealous that you didn't have such an amazing world of knowledge at your fingertips? Maybe you should realize that it will be these young, inquisitive, new generation nurses, trying to better themselves... taking care of you...
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    as mentioned in other replys phenothiazides (chlorpromazine) are used in the treatment of acute and chronic psychosis, particularly when accompanied by increased psychomotor activity. This classification of drug, blocks dopamine receptors in the brain and also alters dopamine release and turnover, as findings indicate that schizophrenic clients may have an increase in this chemical as well as norepinephrine, and serotonin
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    new grad job choice

    I just read your entry and i wanted to reply. I graduated as an RN in 1996 and did my consolidation period in pediatrics and in the operating room. I loved both these areas, and was lucky to find employment in peds. After 1 1/2 years I changed my job to one in a psychiatric insitution. i was a bit nervous at first due to all I heard about "loosing skills" and having trouble getting back to "acute" medical nursing if I wanted to down the road. I feel that if you keep up on your reading, and keep yourself informed it is easy to make the switch back. I have a couple friends that have quit (psych) and went back to the General hospital here after many years of psychiatric nursing. I do not regret leaving medical nursing, as i find psychiatric nursing very challenging and rewarding. After a couple years working with the mentally ill, i don't ever have any intentions of working in a "medical nursing" setting. The only way you will know for yourself is to give it a try. If that's what you think you might like to do, give it a try while your still fresh out of school... who know's you may really love it!!!!! good luck, Jason
  4. longer

    Communications w/families of hospitalized pts

    I work on an open ward rehabilitation unit, that is the last step for hospitalized patients before discharge into the community. Whether it be in their own apartments, group homes, or homes for special care. When a patient comes to our ward from admissions or another area in the hospital, the primary nurse assigned sends the family a questionaire. In it are simple questions about the pt's home life, growing up, schooling..... etc... etc... I find that this is the perfect way for the prime Nurse to initiate contact with the family and develop a relationship for future contact... This creates an opening for the nurse to contact the family whenever needed for information, or for the family to contact the ward to inquire about their loved ones progress...